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Battle with a Mystic?
Battle with a Mystic?

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Just got my Ouya in today. Now to review:
I was 20058 in my backer status. I had a shipping email on on May 25th. Today is June 7th and I have my Ouya. Just took it out of its package with the extra controller. 1st thing I saw inside the box made me think of Peter Pan, You get this flyer in there saying "Thank you for  believing" which was nice. Now to put it all together! I took the battery covers off the controller, which surprised me, it WASNT flimsy! It felt solid. (Unlike the Galaxy S3 battery cover, which is kinda what I expected the controller cover to be like) The controller too felt pretty solid. Only 2 gripes with it. The L1/2 R1/2 buttons feel lil... odd... not cheap per say, but not what I am used to from a dualshock controller. That and the controller could use a lil more horizontal to make it slightly bigger. Otherwise analog and d-pad are all spot on. The console itself, also very sturdy, not cheap feeling at all, which is great. Also was surprised that I have the etched version of the console. Thought those were only going on 1st run consoles put out. Guess not. The color is actually nice. For those wondering the actual color. Think Iphone 5 and that slate blue likeish color. No complaints here. Came with Duracell batteries AND HDMI cable which was a welcome surprise! So 1st impression in this review. Looks and feels solid in design of the workmanship itself. Now to turn it on and start checking it out. I will update in comments later for more of the review!

Any news with 3g/4g bands? Hell.. Been idle for so long, what IS the most ideal DS7 rom to even use now? Im just still using R8. Bit annoyed with only able to use 1.9GB for apps it seems tho. Not sure which is the ideal DS7 app to make it use the other internal storage space.
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