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Akaahan Terungwa
#Solar Energy Freelance Writer & Direct Response Copywriter
#Solar Energy Freelance Writer & Direct Response Copywriter
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Freelance vs In-House #Solar Energy Writers: Which Is Best For Your Clean Energy Business/Company?

If you start a solar energy business or company today, there a plethora of things you’ll need fixed – content being one of the very first and perhaps, the most important.

However, with the realization that you need a dedicated content writer/copywriter versed in solar energy and its nitty gritty, another challenge pops right up: should you go the freelance route or should you hire regular 9-5 staff to do the writing and copywriting?

Or, this might be your current predicament as a solar energy business owner or company CEO: you have hitherto hired in-house solar energy writers but are bothered that their productivity and overall ROI isn’t worth the pay they take home…

You thus begin to think: what if I tried working with freelance writers instead?

Or, yet still, you started working with solar energy freelance writers at the beginning but as time went on, you gradually did not see much need to keep up with this model and are at the moment thinking about going the in-house route.

If any of the above describes your current reality, grab a bottle of beer and rest – I’m about to spill out all the facts and details necessary to help you make the right decision – one that will also inspire productivity and a pretty ROI.

See you on the blog...

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Affiliate Marketing As An Option To Retirement

Retirement is a luxury for many persons today. Either by choice or circumstances, they are still in the labor market long after they're 'officially' due for 'rest'.

For many, this is the beginning of their woes. Still, for some, they look forward to this new, awesome phase of life but are genuinely troubled about what they'll be doing - and how they'll be doing it.

Today, I address this concerns on +Sue Price's blog...and for me, the answer is AFFILIATE MARKETING.

Head over to the post and let me know what you think in the comments. 

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When tempted to write jargon in your #solar energy copy, remember this: fools make things difficult; geniuses simplify :) #SolarEnergy

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How The 80/20 Rule Can Dramatically Increase Revenue For Your #Solar Energy Business

The 80/20 rule argues that 80% of time/money spent in a business/elsewhere returns only 20% of the results...and 80% of the results is got from just 20% of the time/money expended.

This is especially true for #solarenergy concerns.

To break this cycle of unproductivity, you must focus your money and time where you're certain you'll get 80% of returns.

That coveted 20% realm is #SEO...the art of meeting clients/customers at their time of need.

If you need to work less and earn more, you need to work smart, especially in the solar energy world.

If this is you - or your business, let's talk.

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There's Still Much Work To Do On #Solar...

In as much as the entire world is seemingly agog with the #renewableenergy gospel, particularly, #solarenergy, more than a third of the world's population still look at solar with the awe of Nuclear Physics or the amazement Space Science commands...

Ensuring that this is history (as soon as possible) is the responsibility of all solar energy stakeholders, particularly businesses and firms interested in this awesome form of energy.

Remember, until the entire world is literate enough to understand renewable energy (or educated enough to understand that it is the CLEAR, UNDISPUTED future), our dear earth remains in HUGE danger! 

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Bloomfield Church Spreads Word On #Solar

Apart from the gospel, the church in Nigeria (and elsewhere) needs to follow this example.

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Am I The Only One Who's Reading The Writing On The Wall?!

First, renewable energy, particularly, solar energy is taking the world by storm for awesome reasons: its earth-friendly nature, its cheap nature and its renewable character.

However, Nigeria on the other hand is super comfortable to take the rear. As a matter of fact, I've not seen any TV station bringing
this up or the various legislative houses debating this.

Is our 'fight' for a greener earth mere politics? Or, we'll only take this issue serious when it reaches Chinese proportions?

Second, Electric Vehicles (EVs) are gradually becoming the new norm in the US, Europe and Asia. These vehicles are powered by pure electricity (mostly from renewable sources, especially, solar) and have no business with anything 'fuel'.

The sad news for oil exporting countries like Nigeria is that, companies that are jumping in the EV market are increasing by the day and the whole world loves the concept :)

Now, it does not take advanced Economics degrees to see that soon, the demand for oil will (further) drop to an unprecedented all time low that it shivers my spine to type (such a rate that will be obtainable then per barrel)!

When that happens, Nigeria will be in for a long and hard recession that will make the present hardship nothing in comparison.

Finally, it is while the sun shines that hay is made...let the wise take heed and save their asses! 

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#Solar Panels Now Capable of Generating Electricity + Good Drinking Water at the Same Time!

Zero Mass Water, an Arizona State University startup has created solar panel which produces water as well as electricity.

The device is called SOURCE and it is standalone, meaning that it does not need any wiring or water input to harvest solar energy and produce drinking water at the same time. They have been running a pilot program since 2015 to test the system, which is already installed in a number of homes and communities.

One SOURCE unit measures 30 sq ft (2.8 sq m). It is capable of generating electricity via the solar photovoltaic panel, while it also has an integrated lithium-ion for storing the used electricity.

The device then uses that electricity to power a cycle of condensation and evaporation, which produces 2 to 5 liters of water a day.

Continue here...

#SolarEnergy #RenewableEnergy

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World's First Solar Airport No Longer Pays Electricity Bills

Cochin International Airport, the world’s first 100 percent solar airport, is generating so much power from its massive solar array that the airport no longer pays for electricity!

Kindly follow the link below to read this amazing (solar inspired) story.

#Solar #SolarEnergy #RenewableEnergy

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This is how visionary true #genius really is!

#Solar #SolarEnergy
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