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A Slιму Ɗяαgση •Laυяєη•
•Welcome to a place thing. A place thing filled with snake. Snake like me.• •Now go away. You aren't welcome. This is my snake, not yours.•
•Welcome to a place thing. A place thing filled with snake. Snake like me.• •Now go away. You aren't welcome. This is my snake, not yours.•


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[oh hey, what are you doing here?]

did i finally get around to making a new pinned post?

My name is Lauren, and I'm a highly questionable human being. You can question practically everything I do and don't do! So many possibilities!

Now, I know exactly which burning questions aren't on your mind, so I'll preemptively answer them!

Q: What is your favorite game?
A: Slime Rancher, and if you hate or dislike it I will be sad.

Q: What is that picture in the post? Why does it exist?
A: Haha, what a good question!

Q: How many sea pancakes (stingrays) have you pet?
A: Not nearly enough.

Q: Why are you bothering with a new pinned post when we have less than a year left?
A: I hate the old one and have for a while and have been meaning to replace it but haven't until now, in a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Q: How many useless questions can you come up with?
A: 11

Q: Do you make origami?
A: Why yes, I do. And when I learn something new, I make it to such an obsessive amount that everyone is tired of me doing it, including myself! My room and desk contain too much origami! Please help!

Q: When was the last time you actually learned new origami?
A: Probably at least a month ago. I procrastinate on everything you may or may not be able to procrastinate on.

Q: Do you make art?
A: Once in a blue moon.

Q: How long did you have your braces? Are you happy to have them off?
A: Three years, and oh boy oh boy do I like bagels and cream cheese.

Q: Do you have a dog?
A: Yes! Her name is Winnie and you are legally obligated to love her or else I'll come into your house and steal your bagels and anything chocolaty or sugary.

Q: What do you love?
A: Glow sticks, bagels, stingrays, snakes and lizards, foxes, pretty skies, candy, glow sticks,

Types of posts:
•Reshares of various topics
•If you're lucky, some tumblr posts fresh from tumblr, posted in impulsive sprees
•My dog
•Sometimes the sky if we're lucky. It doesn't like being pretty at 6:40 AM
•Sometimes random pieces of conversations and thoughts taken out of context
•Collection Things

My other social media, so you can still stalk me when G+ dies:
Instagram (Most used of these): a_slimy_dragon
Discord: aSlimyDragon#0327
MeWe: A Slimy Dragon (Lauren)

Am I going to tag anyone?
No! :D

Thanks for wasting your time!

here's the old one if you want to know what it feels like to die inside simply by reading things
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three people... liked the survey post


i have received
0 surveys

i expect them
i lobe surveys
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also hey look at this worm isnt it fantastic
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i like...... surveys

please make,,,, a survey,,,,,,,

and give it to me so i can take it

gibe me
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Fun with dry ice
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I just realized that +celestial citrus circus and a friend I know in person exude a similar energy, I think.

'Cause I just saw a post by the in-person friend on Instagram, and then I scrolled and saw liyana's... And there's definitely a sort of similar energy between their personalities, I think

So strange
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I asked my friend if she knew where to buy trees, so she takes my phone, googles "pineapple tree", scrolls down a bit, and says "no"

What lovely friends I have
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No nose
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