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Get caught with drug paraphernalia in St Louis? These charges can be reduced if you hire a St Louis criminal defense attorney. #stlouislawyer #stlouisattorney  

Been charged with possession of illegal drugs in St Louis? It can have a long-lasting impact. But there is plenty that can be done to reduce the charges.

Got a St Louis speeding ticket in the ARC Zone? These tickets create a bigger mess for you than the normal speeding ticket. We can help. #traffic #trafficticket  

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Most St Louis traffic tickets can be reduced to a lesser offense so that your insurance rates stay the same, and no points go on your record. #traffic  

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Do you have outrageous St Louis medical bills that keep piling up? Does it seem as if you are being billed with ridiculous charges? We can help.

Did you get into a physical confrontation and the police were called? Were you charged with a St. Louis assault? We can help.

If you’ve been charged with trespassing in St Louis, the court will usually reduce the charges to nothing if you hire an attorney to help you. #trespassing #attorney  
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