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New video is up: The (Secret) City of London.
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Wow... the British really tend to overcomplicate things...
Great video. I like how you've represented the layers of our nation's history.
How do you find out about all these intricate and confusing topics and make sense of it all in a video?
love the creeper hiding in the crowd.
Brilliant. I lived there for 30 years and didn't know most of that! London, and the history of it, is amazing and I thoroughly recommend anyone visit or live there.
Thanks for this. Every time I finish an episode of your youtube channel, I can hardly wait for the next to appear.
Really good. I never knew that!
+C. G. P. Grey Can you debunk "Secrets in plain sight" ? Or if the facts are correct, would you consider all the weird stuff coincidence ? (It isn't a conspiracy theory video per se, though it is mostly about freemasons' architecture)
I am not a conspiracy theorist :). Just unwilling to do all the required research myself at this point, and since it seems you enjoy it and are good at it, I'd like to have your point of view on all of it...
ha ha - Now thats how teachers should give it to the kids, brilliant :) !
Seems like the perfect place in which to center a grand, global conspiracy to me but I'm on the internet.  And, since there very clearly is one, the City of London is as good a place to point the finger as any... Actually, it's the best place to point the finger so, on behalf of "the internet" I hereby declare the City of London to be the center of the global conspiracy to dominate the planet--even as it has been for the past 200+ years.
I have learnt more in the last 5 minutes than living here for 9 years.
"the internet" is very good for learning obscure truths. Things that governments exclude from school curriculums--such as who is trying to dominate the world.
Your best video yet. I've always promoted your videos to friends and family but you've outdone yourself this time. Keep it up. 
It's not much of a secret but the majority still prefer the sense of accomplishment they get from towing the approval of the people who lie to them so regularly.
+C. G. P. Grey, it only took me a second viewing to find the creeper this time! woohoo! I'm getting better at this.
Hi Mr. Grey. 
It seems rather evident that you're a Bitcoin user, due to you sneaking in coins throughout the video. It's really heartening to see that one of my favorite Youtube channels semi-covertly endorses Bitcoins, and I'm sure quite a few others agree with me, as evidenced by a post on the Bitcoin Subreddit. 
I think that putting a small donation link via bitcoin would encourage those who know about bitcoin to donate, and those who don't to further research the subject.
Bitcoins everywhere!
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