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New video is up. 5 Historical Misconceptions Rundown.
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Thanks for explaining the entire thing about viking helmets, it have proven to be extremely hard to kill. And mentioning that they where first to find America was an extra plus. (I might getting a bit too nation romantic about this whole thing)
Its fun to take what I learned in school growing up and have actual facts to back it up or shut it down. If it weren't for you CGP Grey I wouldn't wonder, and wondering is what leads to smarter people. I love researching what you write up in your shows later. It gives me two things A. A good waste of time and B. A higher IQ in the end.
No worries, the Banner Saga is just getting funded on Kickstarter - and it promised to have no horns on those helmets. Then again it completely replaces the mythology as well, so people might think of the lack of horns as an "alternative thing" too, so who knows...
I know the first one (5th on the list) and that we never thought the earth was flat haha Cheers Grey!
+Derrick Stewart Regarding the vikings, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. There is no evidence (from that time period) of any horned helmets and you don't end up being feared in most of Europe (and the most sought after bodyguards in the middle east) by wearing headgear that gets you killed.

Regarding Godiva, haven't done any research about it so I don't know
We do have evidence of Gauls (described by J. Caesar as wearing huge f-ing animals on their heads), ancient Germans and many knights wearing headgear with adornments on them. They are usually worn as psychological warfare instruments, or as ways of connecting with one's gods or spiritual beliefs. Still, most scholars these days think the Vikings wearing horns is largely a myth from what I have read.

I also read the whole church vs Galileo controversy is a misconception. Trying to remember exact details, but it was more of a power struggle and personality conflict. Copernicus had already posited a heliocentric solar system and had been embraced by Jesuits. The struggle with Galileo is similar to the "religious" war between religious and atheistic zealots today. That Galileo calling it fact (when in fact a heliocentric solar system could not be proven given the technology at the time) and using it to "disprove" the factual basis of the Bible. Factions of religious people took issue with this. In fact, Galileo was wrong in the fact that he believed his calculations proved a heliocentric "universe." Which we know is wrong. His imprisonment was not over his theory, but over being and jerk. And by imprisoned, we mean forced to live in the lap of luxury and not go out be an jerk whenever you want.
Columbus= Mind Blown (I think i might have to rethink....everything i have ever known)
The idea that anyone ever thought Columbus believed the world was flat is a misconception. He was trying to travel to Asia by going west rather than east so he clearly knew the world was round.

The real misconception here is that his name was Christopher Columbus when it was actually Cristoforo Colombo.
waddya know vikings discovered America first lol
+Derrick Stewart I'm not opposed to the art=evidence normally, just in certain cases. The Viking Age (as it's called in Sweden) ended approximately 1100 and people started painting vikings (with horned helmets) in the 19th century. Had they made the paintings during or shortly after then it wouldn't be a problem.
Any solid reference to the research on the presence of vikings in America ?
Another great video :D I was most impressed with the fact that they already knew the world was round before columbus. Seems kinda silly that I didn't know that though...not sure how I was 6,500 years late :\
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