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Because of the good news that Canada is ditching their one cent coin, I'll be doing a quick reply video for death to pennies to include some some that I wanted to the first time around.

Is there anything you want to see included? Arguments that you think make my video invalid? Let me know.
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As a Canadian, I'm glad to see the penny go. Pennies have not been worth stooping over to pick up off the ground for a very long time; we won't miss them.
I like the video you made, cant see adding a thing.
I think everyone knows the Dollar coins are a joke, but they're just so much more long-lasting that everyone keeps trying to get them to catch on.
It might be being picky, but I thought only the Penny and Nickle were illegal to melt down, but other coinage was allowed? (I am in no way saying this is a sane thing, but I thought that these were the specifics of the law)
Back on your Nov. 30, 2011 post, +James Salsman and I were having a discussion about how coarse the denominations of the dollar should be broken down and which coins are really necessary. I'd be interested in what research the Canadians did into this topic, and if they had any findings about other coins beyond the penny. If you happen to come across data/research the US Treasury has done, I'd be glad to hear about that too. Your comments between 3:24 and 3:32 allude to this discussion, it's the elaboration I'd be looking for.
I think we should create a replacement coin for the lowest-value denomination. Maybe a two-pence?
I am so glad we are ditching it,
Si Tang
Yes, while we are celebrating, some people are mourning about the loss of penny. That's what I heard from CBC news...
+Si Tang Links? I'm very curious to know the reasons that some Canadians would be sad about the loss of the penny.
Si Tang
And this link You'll hear the the story under "Latest Audio" at around 21'30''. The recording will be replaced 12 hours later... Hope it helps. Thanks for covering Canada. Death to the pennies!!
In Australia you can't find a vending machine that takes anything smaller than 10cents, and we dumped our 2cent coins when we dumped the 1 cent, though I still have a few of both :)
Also, the USA is resisting moves to a dollar coin despite having used them in the past, and here in Australia the smallest noted currency is the $5 bill.
FYI: we've been close to parity with the US for a long time now :D
+Kathryn Tipton I don't understand "everyone knows the Dollar coins are a joke"? Um, why would anyone think they are a joke? They are very convenient for use in vending machines/parking meters etc. 
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