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A collaborative encyclopedia about roller coasters that anyone can edit!
A collaborative encyclopedia about roller coasters that anyone can edit!

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It's that Christmas season again! Also, construction on rides such as Banshee, Falcon Fury, and Medusa are well underway. By the 2014 season, there will be a great selection of new rides!

It's that time of year where parks are announcing their new attractions. Many rides have already been announced, such as Banshee.  On the 27th Cedar Point will announce their plans for 2014, and there is a rumor about a new coaster coming to Dollywood for 2014.

The new "looping woodies" from Rocky Mountain Construction  are now becoming a hit fast. A new one is being built next year at Darien Lake, with new elements. Such as a "suspended corkscrew" and a "rollover". 

Have a happy Fourth of July, everyone!

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Have a great summer!

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July 1st is coming up in about a week! So, what's a better way to be patriotic than to ride the American Eagle at Six Flags Great America?

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A unique element, isn't it?

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Busch Gardens recently announced a new record-breaking drop tower: Falcon Fury. This new drop tower will stand 300 feet in the air. After you reach your way to the top, it does something none of us would expect... the seats will turn to a 90 degree position, putting riders face first toward the ground below! Then the train will plummet 300 feet at 60+ MPH. Read more at Busch Gardens
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