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Jag är inte bara smart. Jag är schnygg också!
Jag är inte bara smart. Jag är schnygg också!

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Finally - I think - figured out how to combine IFTTT and Stringify to make a switch that turns on my wemo when the sun sets and turns off the light five minutes after I hit a switch.

I still wish I could do it all in just one of the apps, preferably by having my wemo lights turn on (if they are off) when I put the phone on the USB/BT speaker/charger and turns them off five minutes later, but not do that when I connect to other BT stuff.

It's really weird they haven't added the ability in IFTTT to recognize individual BT connections, just if you dis/connect to some bt, any bt. It's right there for networks, so... Some sort of timer would be really nice as well, for that five minute delay.

I really like how we can string several things together in Stringify. Since they now interconnect, I can do long strings in stringify, have them do things in IFTTT then have IFTTT set of more strings that sets of IFTTT that sets off strings that...
...but one app would be nicer. The potential of Stringify is incredible and I'd love to see wemo support. Oh well, at least I can use them together now, opens up a lot of potential.

At 22.33 "Run Sackboy run!" sends me a notification. Yesterday it was a video editing app. I've had apps send notifications in the middle of the night.

Now I use another app to turn off sound for my notifications but it doesn't always work as planned. Having my phone go "spla-donk" in the middle of the night is a good way to get a one star rating.

It's one thing to have really annoying ads in apps, I can live with that, they're trying to earn a living after all and I got the app for free. But annoying the FUCK out of me with notifications. Sorry, go fuck yourself!

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Inte dåligt med tanke på att jag inte ens försökt... Dessutom sprungit på tre "gamla" som jag inte hade. Bra start på helgen. Nu blir det Dirt Rally PSVR istället dock.
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Watching #Shadowhunters feels more and more like watching old episodes of "Days of our lives"...
A lot of talk, not much happening and even the actors seems to be bored out of their mind. #StarTrek might get away with it, #Netflix isn't.

Who else would love to see #Timely updated again. I'd personally love to see a Timely watch face added and more features like #IFTTT support for turning on my wemo lights etc.

It's weird Google buy the company meaning everything STOPS. Instead of Google getting a better (alarm) clock app, they basically payed to screw us all over, making sure we're NOT getting improvements. Are those people even working anymore?

This isn't the first Google acquisition that seems to result in Google paying a lot to basically stop something really good instead of improving it. Seems like a very weird business strategy to me.

Also sad that no other alarm clock seemed to be "inspired" by the 2 year old/dead(?) market leader.

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Has anyone ever made a "Timely" inspired watch face?
(Timely is the best darn alarm clock for Andy you could possibly find. Sadly they're not updating it since Google bought the company.)

I love the simplistic look of it, the toned down colour gradients and the animated little bubbles. It would look good both in squared and round version too. Guess the number animations are pretty much "impossible" though.

I was just reading a long thread on Google+, looking at the photos people had posted on it. Hitting the back button (because you can't just click anywhere as you can on pretty much any other site nowadays) Google+ threw me back to the first post on my G+ "stream"...

I do like Google+, generally so much more than Facebook, Twitter etc, but such stupid and incredibly annoying bugs/behavior limits my interaction. I've found that I rarely post anymore and almost never ever reply because if I do reply and write a long response, it may all just get lost because of how the response system works. (anything happen on your computer or you just click somewhere it's all gone).

We haven't seen a major Google+ update in ages and these major design screw-ups should've been fixed years ago. So yeah, I'm basically back on Facebook and wouldn't recommend Google+ to anyone anymore.

#Google #Fail #rubbish #crap

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Jag provade precis Eagle Flight till PSVR. Jag är verkligen inget större fan av UBISoft, men här har dom fått till det helt rätt. Väldigt mycket mer imponerande än EVE Valkyrie som hittills varit det mest intressanta VR-spelet. På rea just nu dessutom.

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Fördelen med att bo högst upp... En gång om året...
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Have a very, merry whatever. And May Carrie Fisher pull through. The force is strong in her.
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