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Hi everyone. Can anyone recommend a way to live stream Korean TV (SBS and MBS)? I found the KBS live stream on youtube and it's been great for listening but I'm tired of their line up of day time soaps.

누구나 '마찬가지(이)다'를 자세하게 설명해주세요? I've seen it defined as "like" but I get the feeling that it is used to make similes. Is it like as in 좋아하다 or like as in "the coffee looks like mud"

Can someone help me with this translation using 텐데 / 테니까? I'm working out of Korean Grammar in Use Intermediate  

바쁘실 텐데 참석해 주셔서 감사합니다. --> Even though you were busy you attended, so thank you.
피곤할 텐데 일찍 나오라고 해서 미안해요. -->  I was tired, so I left early and I apologize.

Thank you in advance!

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Minion Fire Pit.

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"Howard's Big Dig" by JasonERF
"Howard the bunny triumphantly digs a warren that is more than two meters deep. Watch as the industrious little guy gets his tiny paws and mouth ready to work outdoors. What started out as a small hole suddenly becomes far more complex".

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My kind of show!

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This looks like a LOT of fun!
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