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DFW Blood Bowl
DFW's largest Blood Bowl League (2nd largest in the US!)
DFW's largest Blood Bowl League (2nd largest in the US!)

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Season 8 Update - Week 9 is NOW!!
Season 9 News - SIGN UP NOW!!

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Season 8, so far, from the view of one of our first girls to play!

Season 8
Season 8 has begun!

See the website for the schedule. Be sure to email or call your opponent and set up your match time and place and be courteous with cancellations! No one likes to forfeit or win by forfeit.

This season, we would like to announce that we have not just one, but TWO girls playing! We welcome +Talyna Morrison, the wife of the commissioner, and Amy P., the wife of fellow player, +Alberto Peña! These two lovely ladies bring their wild side to life with lady dwarves and dark elves. We wish them all the luck this season and hope they return next! (with friends, even!)

Be sure to double check the rules section to read the rules clarifications!

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via +Ivor Whitten.
Freakin Awesome Cosplay

Email Alert
If you haven't checked your email this week, you should probably go do that. The commissioner sent a very important rule update earlier in the week.

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New Gamer!
And she's a CHICK!
The following is my fluff for my #BloodBowl team, which I will be playing in the next +DFW Blood Bowl season...
I'm buying the models soon and will post pics as they are assembled and painted. :-)

Cabalvision’s quest to expose the shocking lives behind their viewers and celebrities backfired when they approached the wives of the famous Bugman’s Best Blood Bowl team. They met with the lady dwarfs and received quite a shock: the wives had created their own Blood Bowl team! Not only were the lady dwarfs skilled in housemaking and, as the filming crew quick to learn, battle, but the ladies were quite skilled on the pitch, as well. Another shock met the producers from Cabalvision: the wives of Bugman’s Best shaved their beards!

In a society that holds glory, honor, beer, and beards above all else, these ladies should have been outcasts, but, as it turned out, their marital status and prowess on the pitch allowed the unorthodox hair style (a fellow dwarf opponent on the practice pitch would also comment that such a sight hurtling toward him would be nearly enough to make any man strategically retreat, would his honor withstand the blow).

Members of The Housemaidens include: blitzers Helga, a skillet wielding stay-at-home mom, and Heidi, a rolling pin carrying and proud Blood-Bowl wife; winged helmet wearing runners Birgit and Brünhilda; barely dressed troll slayers Freyja and Frigga; the sassy line maidens Skadi, Sifa, Sunna, Sigrid, and the twins Gurtrud and Gwenelyn; and, when she’s not in jail for domestic abuse, the vacuum riding death roller, Edna.

The Real Housemaidens of Bugman’s Best will begin filming in the next few months. It will chronicle the team’s pro-level debut as they balance their Blood Bowl careers, their husband’s Blood Bowl careers, their children, and life in the spotlight.

The Models:

Season 7 has begun!
Check your email, log in to the website, and start bashing through your games!

WEEK 1 - MAR 11
WEEK 2 - MAR 18
WEEK 3 - APR 1
WEEK 4 - APR 8
WEEK 5 - APR 22
WEEK 6 - APR 29
WEEK 7 - MAY 13
WEEK 8 - MAY 20
WEEK 9 - JUN 3
WEEK 10 - JUN 10

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We will have 15-20 boards for use at the +Bugman's Bowl tournament, if you forget yours, don't have one, or simply just want to borrow one.

They are nothing fancy, just what you see here. There are a few different colors, too!

See you on Saturday! Registration / Sign-in starts at 8:30 at Area 51 Games in Grapevine!
Birth of a Game Board
Should probably update you, huh?

This is the final cut piece, cleaned, but not yet painted*. :)

*By "painted", I mean the lines; only the goal lines and scrimmage lines. 

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Have you registered?

Please allow 48 hours for newly registered coaches to appear. The process involves throwing a dwarf runner, slapping a halfling and tickling a wardancer with turkey feather. So, in other words, its a delicate and tedious process, we appreciate your patience.



Well, it seems that through a bit of good luck, misfortune, and hair brained tactics, we have our Undersquig final game set up! The two opposing teams for this illustrious of awards will be the Dallas Orkboys vs the Dwarf Giants!

As soon as the outcome of the shady Chaos Dwarfs and the lumbering Ogres is determined, we will have the final opponent against which those pesky Lizards (which go well on a spit over an open flame with a nice cold Bloodweiser) will be competing against for the Albion Cup!

So please, come one, come all, and cheer on your favorite your hated foes...and generally have a good time. Whatever you do, make sure the gobbo's get their cut of the winnings, or you might wake up and find your star player shivved in the shower before your next big game! Cheers!

Da Commish
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