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Gyeltshen UL Dorji

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Drinking, a to-do-away culture
It would have been an embarrassing for the Bhutanese team lead by the Health
minister attending the 68th session of the World Health Organisation (WHO)
Regional Committee meeting in Timor- Leste’s capital, Dili or the Bhutanese citizens
should be. It may ha...

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sharing the pride and the shame
The recent (humiliation, as said by some on social media)
defeat by the Qatar by 15-0 has left some of the football lovers in the country
pointing the fingers to the team- the dragon boys. But I don’t think the blames goes to the team or the coach
or the BF...

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Terton Sherab mebar and the Golden Cymbal
Terton Sherab Mebar,
after arriving in Bhutan, was never taken seriously by the people. They
disrespected his wisdom as he was too young. So the people dared him to perform
a miracle in front of all, so that they believe him. The people pressurized him
so m...

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Ad hoc scholarship
Today our government sponsors lot of students for their
further studies, one of them the scholarship after class XII. Apart from the scholarship provided by our government, Bhutan
also receives lot of great opportunities from other nations, institutions and...

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For My Teachers
would not have become Buddha if it was not for the teachers” “A Prince
would not have become a king if it was not the Teachers” “A boy would
not have become a man if it was not for the teacher” “A person
would not have seen the world if it was not ...

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One Day's Experience
Life is a journey and living beings tend to keep on moving
for various reasons. I happened to travel to Bumthang, the spiritual heartland
of our country. I was sick and visited the hospital…so here goes my day’s
experience in Bumthang. I was in the hospital...

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Official Vandalizing- Saving the fading future of Chortens
Bhutan is known throughout the world for our exotic
collection of cultural sites and monuments. These monuments echo the prosperous
root of Buddhism and we make no mistake in showing our rich culture. Chortens were and are the most famous monument that dots...

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Some Tiny Flowers i found on the way to the east of Bhutan...though i dont know the names of any....

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The Gone Hopes
The hopes have crossed the arch The
party has begun the work The foxes have occupied the seat on the perch Through
the golden field did they march As
the people knew, did they lurk The hopes have crossed the arch They
have now, oiled with starch And

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Taken for Granted
Announcement on Sherubtse DH board People say that Asians are very lazy and take things for granted. People refrain from bothering too much; be it their character or laziness. We scratch our own surroundings and forgot about others. And Bhutanese are no exc...
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