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Special Session Brouhaha
Here are some of my random and not so random thoughts on what has been happening with #oklaed lately…….. Governor Mary Fallin has called a special legislative session to plug the $215 M budget shortfall, address consolidation and other government efficienci...
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A Poverty War; which side are you on
America loves to declare war.  We used to declare war on other nations (the
last formal declaration of war was by FDR on December 8 th , 1941). Now
we just declare war on social issues.  Lyndon
B. Johnson gave us the War on Poverty in 1964. 
In the 70’s it ...
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Kelly Husted challenged me to this 1,2,3,4,5 blogger
challenge.  You can read his blog   here .  He obviously has a higher opinion of my writing
than my writing deserves.  I hope I live up to his (and yours) expectation……   What has been your ONE biggest st...
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Logic Loopholes
Does anyone remember the Arsenio Hall Show from the 90’s?  He used to do a segment on his late night talk show called “Things that make you say hmmmmm”.   So here goes some random thoughts and questions regarding our current educational situation:   Why is ...
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Teacher: The New Endangered Species
My grandfather belonged to what Tom Brokaw described as “The
Greatest Generation”.  My grandpa was
raised during the great depression and went on to serve his country in Patton ’ s 3rd Armored Division in World
War II.  But my grandpa ’ s greatest accomplis...
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Pride Goes Before the Fall
Lately, in Oklahoma, the Republican GOP stands for Glowering
Offensive Party.  It has been a rough
several weeks for the state Republican Party. 
Although my writing may be satirical in nature, the topics I ’ m writing about couldn ’ t be more serious.  The...
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Legislative Lunacy
It’s the first week of May and sirens are going off in many
of our Oklahoma communities.  I’m not
talking about the tornado sirens.  I’m
talking about the alarms warning #OKlaED educators about all the legislative
lunacy taking place this week.  None of
it ...
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If I was King for the Day
If I were King for the day, the first thing I would do is
solve more than 1 or 2 problems.  Seriously
I’m shocked my other blogger buddies didn’t think of this first!  Didn’t you learn anything when you were a
child and you were given 3 wishes? 
Wasn’t the ...
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ACT: The Time is Now
There is a growing movement in Oklahoma to change how we
assess student achievement.  For years,
many educators, including myself, have worked diligently to persuade our
Senators and Representatives to move to the ACT and ACT Aspire as a better
option over ...
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The Slogan War
I know it has been
some time since my last blog and I hope you will forgive my absence from the
blogosphere.  I’ve been a little busy, but mostly I’ve been just trying to
keep my head down and my mouth shut (I have the right to remain silent, but not
the ab...
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