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Blue Rose Accelerated, episode II: the cast investigates about the mysterious death of animals, killed by an inner necrosis.
They are young students at the academy tho and curiosity kills as well as blades...

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Hey any chance to have a PDF editable sheet? :)

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Accelerated Hacks/Tunings Chapter IV: Dragonlance pt. 1 (Magic)

Here it is, my first super-beta attempt to recreate the romantic, heroic and flavorful d&d setting in FAE! It's all about ideas, so be patient xD Feel free to add stuff and share!
Today, we talk about Magic and Wizards!

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Just ordered the book, already lurking and ready to go xD
I like creating content, soooo... Here's my dumb attempt to add two archetypes for my upcoming world. :)

Here I introduce you the Fateweaver and the Witch Hunter!
SS&SS New Archetypes.pdf
SS&SS New Archetypes.pdf

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L.A. 2.0, second episode. Looking for some water...

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Accelerated Hacks/Tuning Chapter III: Cyberpunk-like pt. 1

Ideas flows, campaigns run, I need to share. :)
This little hack is intended to work with a Cyberpunk-ish setting, as well as for Shadowrun-ish campaigns. I have a couple of different hacks, this one is the "straightforward" solution to introduce FAE-inspired exstras, without huge fatigue or detail.
This is NOT a full hack, just one of the rules I will use in one of my upcoming campaigns.

We all know that implants/ware is probably the most troublesome feature to handle, but as long as we perceive extras for what they are (basically magic-reskins), things don't seem that complicated. :)

This structure is intuitive, loosely based on four-colors, functional and doesn't cost much in terms of rules, while (IMHO) preserving a huge part of the reason why we love this game and play cyberpunk: theme.
The core assumption of this small sub-system is that the body needs some form of chirurgy to handle implants. There's no chance to get a "cyber arm" with no consequences. You HAVE to use a "core" system.
This actually makes the setting a bit more flavorful and the system a bit more consistent than the usual "I have a pistol in my arm". This is partially due to the fact that it would be a bit difficult to represent a granular loss of humanity.
Since we have the greatest of all treasures (and the basic function I work around when I make hacks) - read "Aspects" - we should use them in any possible way.

This is the core feature. In order to access implants, you need a cybernetic interface: it is an internal interconnected system which allows the person to handle other implants.
I personally consider it a brain-heart connection which basically allows the body to accept implants with no risk of rejection (but still, an aspect).
You must take an ASPECT for permission and spend 1 Refresh point to get access to the implant. Once done, you can include up to three sub-implants, without much detail: cyber arms is enoug to tell you that you might have some extra power, while a brain-deck would tell us that you can hack using your mind. You can pay (in game "more medical surgery") one more refresh during play in order to get an extra implant.

Every implant grants you a "fact" that you can note down. It basically helps you in the four basic actions. If you prefer, you can get stunts instead of facts, leaning towards a "light mantle" kind of approach. I vastly prefer facts, where your personal stunts can still enhance the concept.

The reason why I charge the character with a 1 refresh point cost is that you get a special benefit that other players might refuse for story reason. It is not mandatory to be a cyber monger: you can be a "street monk" using mundane features and getting the best out of your "full control" on your fate.
Furthermore, having a cyber - justifying aspect is still a great source of compels, which might be good at counteracting the initial loss.

QUICK VARIANT: If you are unsure about how to handle power facts, I suggesta a QUICK AND DIRTY approach: assume that, everytime the character can gain an extra free invoke on any aspect/boost he gets. Easy, simple, effective. So, if you have a brain-deck and you generate a boost through an Overcome-related action, you gain an extra free invoke.
If this feels a bit underpowered, assume you ALWAYS generate AT LEAST a boost in case of success.

I highly advice against going in depth with details and use the aforementioned examples. Here are some guidelines.

- BRAIN-DECK: you can hack through your mind. You can use Overcome and Create Advantages as means to break through firewalls, discover informations and such. You can attack / defend in cybercombat.
Facts: hack through your mind.

- CYBER-ARMS: you can gain extra power or even extra sleight of hand, if that's the purpose. An arm-implant doesn't need to be read as extra strength. You might have just micro implants enhancing your hand-brain connection.
Facts: extra-strength (justifying normaly un-accomplishable tasks), extra-sleight of hand. Each fact requires a different implant.

- CYBER-EYES: you can gain exta vision or similar advantages. Darkvision or Zoom are both valid features.
Facts: darkvision, far view.

- CYBER-NERVES: this enhances your ability to deceive or resist social pressure, since your facial expressions are more controlled than usual and your nerves tend to stand more "firm" against provokes. You just don't show body/facial language and your voice sounds firm (or right the opposite). This is not only a physical reaction: it involves adrenaline to be bumped in and out your veins, depending on the situation.
Facts: difficult to "read"; don't show fear.

If you like all of your characters to be over the top, allow them to start with 4 - 5 refresh points, with the extra points above the 3rd being only usable to purchase stunts. This might lead to appareantly akward situations where you feel that a "normal person" just has more options, but remember that having an implant means having access to otherwise unaccessible options (though facts).

I'm gonna write more, this is far from "the ultimate cyberpunk version", but none of my hacks are: I want to provide guidelines and share all the goodness you can do with a 40-pages rulebook, using your two signature weapons: aspects and imagination.


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Accelerated Hacks/Tuning Chapter II: L.A. 2.0

Hey! So excited about FATE, I can't stop creating. After my Blue Rose Hack and another file showing some samples about Numenera and other games, I share this little idea I had for this zombie-like campaign, now near the second session. We are only 6 months AFTER (decided as a group), and this comes into play for a reason you'll see in a moment. πŸ˜‰

- Aspects: 4 free aspects. One should grant permission for particular ideas (i.e., one of the cast members wanted to be a street shaman, dealing with spirits... No mechanical effects outside her being creepy and usually using spirits to accomplish mundane tasks).

- Horror Aspect: this nightmarish aspect should show two elements. At first, it should represent a Trauma tied with the "apocalypse" (something you could do to stop it someway, lives you've sacrificed to preserve yours, extreme situations you've escaped from).
Second, it should bring in an element about your nature and / or behaviour (not that clever? Not that patient? Etc).

A Horror Aspect is SECRET. It is an easy compel, but it kicks in a couple of concepts. When you act in accordance to your Horror aspect, you can make mistake, so you tend to act in a stupid way. A good and funny rule of thumb can be the momentarily switching of two approaches to reflect this.
The good thing (since I'm not interested in limiting actions, but in enhancing drama) is that other PCs can act to aid you (it they don't know your horror yet, they just have to guess and hope to act in a proper manner, interpreting your reaction IN fiction). If they do and do it well, you can shake off the compel for a while, as long as someone is investing in game effort to help you to go through it.

Your horror aspect comes with two free invokes from whomever knows it or grasp it.

At the end of the scene, if you survive and made a relevant steo against the horror, you can rewrite it. Same goes if things go wrong, with the words reflecting the change.

This rule enhances drama and TEAMPLAY, which is key in a post-apocalyptic setting πŸ˜‰

- Zombies are not "zombies". I thought to create these kinda undead, considering their types and abilities based on who they WERE. This leads to the idea that monsters are experiments.

The KTN (Kill them NOW) or Slims are clever and fragile. Usually children, slim women or men, they are smart and use traps and ambushes.
Stunt: they create advantages through ambushes.

The DLJS (Don't look just Shoot) or Freaks are deformed and share a hive mind. Not necessarily smart or anything, they have horrific body modifications.
Stunt: Telepathy.

The FTWB (Feed them with Bullets) or Eaters are cannibals, slow and incredibly powerful.
Stunt: can heal physical consequences by chewing other "zombies'" body parts.

If you are interested, I'll expand on the setting πŸ˜‰

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Third actual FATE campaign started! Second using FAE!
After the nightmarish L.A. 2.0 (more to come), here we go with Blue Rose Accelerated!!
Here's the (very basic) hack!
Use it as reference if you like it! πŸ˜€

- High Concept: race/profession/arcana. Grants permissions, like using arcana, versatility for humans, etc.
- Trouble: Fate. It's the dark side of your calling.
- Two relationships aspect: people/group you are bound with, or you hate xD
- Free Aspect: expertise, companion, whatever.
- Refresh: 4. Blue Rose uses Conviction, which is a nice mechanic for bonuses and rerolls, representing the innate passion or blessings of romantic fantasy. Since FATE has this built in, I founs that adding 1 refresh could do the job. πŸ˜‰
- Arcana: aspects for permission. If you use Arcana for selfish/dangerous purposes, you can get a "Corruption" aspect, which worsens if you do nothing to reject it. It is written depending on the situation.
- Relationships: non refusable compels. Whenever you act led by a bond, you generate a boost with every success (no matter the action), if you already do, a boost becomes an aspect, if you already do, it gets one extra free invoke. You always get a FATE point at the end of the scene as extra reward for troubles.

That's basically it. The feel is grasped, some extra effort represented, I called it a day. Nice first session gone.
I love Accelerated. 🀘

I know I submitted various skill systems, but is there anyone playing without ANY formal skill? Like, no single "skill check", just attribute values interpretations and maybe a bit of X on d6 for key stuff?

Just curious!
I feel the need to play the book as is and I find skill systems being limiting rather than improving anything. Just a feel maybe, but still...

Thanks! πŸ˜‰

Some rumbling here, after my 2nd FATE experience, the upcoming campaign in "L.A. 2.0" as we are calling it and another one already planned based on the "Slip" setting (probably even a blue rose campaign is on its way :) ).

It may be pointless, but I just wanted to share my feelings about the game and its potential. :)

1. First game was a one shot with 3+ hours of built in game creation set in Numenera. Easy, funny. The hack was seamless, I used Accelerated. It was my actual first game. It was insanely good and fun, both as a RPG and as a narrative tool on its own.

2. Second game is the beginning of a campaign. Basically Venture City with a darker feel, supernatural in it. Based on a weird "agency" a la "supernatural" so to say. :) Nice character, the horror side of it works with no artificial difficulty nor special rules. I don't use any extra. Just play around compels. A character is a "vampire" (bit different and definitely more "human" than the usual Vampire, but still) and it's just played through reglular rules, with a single aspect chosen as concession.
It was fun, completely different from the first experience (we are using Core, es, but... ) and extraordinarily evocative, especially because I let my players complete their sheets during actual play.

3. Next Week I'll start a "tv series" about post-apocalypse and we are making the Game Creation through whatsapp, with q&a and discussion. It works, it's fun and it seems we are handling it with no effort. I've just created a "horror aspect", which is a secret aspect connected to the "apocalypse", a trauma/personal nightmare that acts as a "secondary trouble", easy to compel with a special rule on compels when it's very relevant for the scene, so that it generates stress and/or consequences, as appropriate.

If discovered and confronted, it can be even "cured" and changed into a normal aspect. More than a "horror" measure, it's more about a psychological depth added with a personal secret that can slowly become a strength or, at least, a normal aaspect as any other aspect.
One of the character was a Hollywood stunt with nightmares about a missed chance to save two small twins and their lovely dog named Lilah, another a military who went through horrible choices when the "apocalypse" kicked in (this gives me material)... and a "street sorceress", a ritualistic "shaman" of the sprawl. Core assumption is a bit of "near future implements" in the setting, which confers an even grittier feel to the decaying L:A.

In the end, what I'd like to share are three main points:
1. FATE is MY game.
2. FATE has not a genre boundaries, but style assets. You can definitely go from horror to sci fi, just accept what the game does well and prepare to give it a tv drama feel.
3. FATE is everything you want as it is. Once you go through the initial difficulties, playing by the rules really makes it up for me. It is all about accepting street sorceress being no different from a street burglar in terms of mechanics, outside some basic concession, which are tied to limitations too (like a Vampire having to feed here and there), so it plays out smoothly. For "extras", I feel like a small extra concession in exchange of 1 Refresh is a fari trade off. :)

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