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Droppin' bodies since '02.
Droppin' bodies since '02.


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SIIK is recruiting for Battlefield 1! If you're interested in gaming with some unstoppable war machines, holler atcha boys!

Currently playing Battlefield 4, switching to Battlefield 1 on launch. We play at Pacific (-8) time from roughly 8pm to 3am. Headset required, must bring the heat.

Visit us on our website:
Like us on Facebook:
Join our Facebook Group:
Origin Platoon: PS4 Community: SIIK

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Weekly Sale for April 27th to May 4th?

Hero: Sgt. Hammer ( Sale Price: 4.19 EUR/3.19 GBP )
Skin: War World Sgt. Hammer ( Sale Price: 4.99 EUR/3.69 GBP )
Skin: Betrayer Malfurion ( Sale Price: 4.99 EUR/3.69 GBP )

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Free Hero Rotation for April 21st, 2015! Recommended guides, prices, info, and more. 

#siik   #hots   #heroesofthestorm  

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Today is Free Hero Rotation day in Heroes of The Storm. 7 new heroes are available to play for free. Check it out here!

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Here is a collection of helpful links for anyone new to Heroes of The Storm and some helpful resources for those who have been playing since Alpha as well. 


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Have you played the beta yet? If you ever got into League of Legends or DOTA and loved it, this is a streamlined version with a little more focus on fun and shorter matches.

It's in closed beta and invite only at this point, but we have invites if any of you want to get in on this. Check the link below for information about the game.

We're currently recruiting. We need a few more guys to round out our main team. Check the link below for details. 

#heroesofthestorm   #blizzard  

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We got those Heroes of The Storm invites if anyone is interested. I think we have 5-11 left as of this posting. 

If you haven't played this game and don't know what it is, it's Blizzards take on MOBAs, like League of Legends of DOTA. Its faster paced though, and games are only about 15 minutes long. It's good stuff with less of a learning curve than DOTA and League of Legends. 

Check it out!

#HeroesOfTheStorm   #SIIK  

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12 New Science Fiction Comics You Absolutely Need To Be Reading!

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