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Torsten Schwede (ECCB'12 Conference Chair)
ECCB'12 - the European Conference on Computational Biology, 9-12 September 2012, Basel.
ECCB'12 - the European Conference on Computational Biology, 9-12 September 2012, Basel.


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Genetic Variation + Human Health: Poster abstract deadline this WE:

11th [BC]2 Basel Computational Biology Conference 2013 on "Computational and Biological Perspectives on Human Genome Variation" 4.-5. July 2013 at the Congress Center Basel, Switzerland.
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Genetic Variation + Human Health
The 11th [BC]2 "Computational and Biological Perspectives on Human Genome Variation" will take place 4.-5. July 2013 at the Congress Center Basel, Switzerland.

Invited Speakers include:
- Stylianos Antonarakis, Geneva, CH
- Andrew Clark, Cornell, USA
- Ruedi Aebersold, ETHZ, CH
- Sven Bergmann, UNIL & SIB, CH
- Jacqui Beckmann, SIB, CH
- Lude Franke, Groningen, NL
- Zoltan Kutalik, UNIL & SIB, CH
- Tuuli Lappalainen, Stanford, USA
- Tomi Pastinen, McGill, CAN
- Adam Siepel, Cornell & EBI, USA/UK
- Kerrin Small, KCL, UK
- Nicole Soranzo, Sanger Institute, UK
- Michael Stadler, FMI & SIB, CH
- Shamil Sunyaev, Harvard, USA
- Daniel Wegmann, Fribourg, CH

[BC]2 Program Chair 2013: Manolis Dermitzakis, University of Geneva & SIB

[BC]2 Series Chair: Torsten Schwede, University of Basel & SIB

Registration is opne now at:
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Download the ECCB12 conference app for your iPhone / iPad to plan your personal conference program (Android version will follow soon too)
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We are about to close registrations for ECCB'12. There are a few places left for the satellite meetings, workshops and tutorials on 8 & 9 September, and for the main conference on 9 - 12 September. If you have not yet registered, but would like to participate, now is the time ...
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Registration deadline: Wednesday 1 August

Dear colleagues,

the early registration deadline for the upcoming ECCB'12 European Conference on Computational Biology in Basel is this Wednesday, 1 August. Please make sure to register in time - there will be no extension of the deadline:

Late registration fees will apply after 1 August (midnight CEST). At the same time, we will also close the last call for "Late poster abstracts".

The list of keynotes, proceedings presentations, highlight papers and accepted poster abstracts can be found on the ECCB'12 website at:

Looking forward to welcoming you soon in Basel,

Torsten Schwede, on behalf of the ECCB' organization team
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Editing Wikipedia for scientists
Sunday, 9 September 2012, Basel, Switzerland

We cordially invite you to follow the tutorial "Editing Wikipedia for scientists" held as pre-conference event to ECCB'12 on 9 September 2012 in Basel, Switzerland.

Wikipedia has become an essential repository of scientific information. If anyone is looking for information about your subject area the chances are that a Google search will direct them to the Wikipedia article first. If you would like to get involved in improving Wikipedia content for your subject but never found out how then come to the ECCB Wikipedia tutorial. We'll show you the basics of editing, as well as telling you how to avoid the common mistakes:

Many people look at Wikipedia as their first port of call for information. Therefore, we believe that it is important for scientists to feel comfortable in editing Wikipedia to ensure it is factually accurate and up to date in their own area of expertise.

Looking forward to seeing you in Basel!

Alex Bateman, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK.
Daniel Mietchen, EvoMRI Communications.

PS: Early registration deadline is 1 August 2012.
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Computational Proteomics Workshop
9 September 2012, Basel, Switzerland

Dear ECCB’12 participants,

This is a reminder to register at the Computational Proteomics Workshop we organize within ECCB’12 in Basel and that will take place on the 9th of September (

The workshop will provide an overview of current research topics and applied methods. The covered topics will include (but are not limited to):

v MS data identification
v PTM characterization
v Peptide de novo sequencing and proteomics for unsequenced genomes
v Indexing and search acceleration
v Quantitative proteomics and PTM dynamics
v Determination of protein interactions via affinity purification MS (AP-MS)
v Inference of protein complex architecture from AP-MS datasets

We encourage you to register if you are interested in computational aspects of proteomics, and we would greatly appreciate if you could forward the information to anybody potentially interested.

Check the final program at .

The organizers Markus Müller, Alexander Schmidt, Jacques Colinge
ECCB 2012 Computational Proteomics Workshop
ECCB 2012 Computational Proteomics Workshop
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=============== Call for Participation ===============
 Machine Learning in Systems Biology
 September 8 and 9, 2012
 Basel, Switzerland ===============================================

We invite you to join us for the 6th installment of Machine Learning in Systems Biology (MLSB) 2012, which will be held as a 2-day ECCB workshop on September 8 and 9 in Basel, Switzerland. The full program of MLSB 2012 can be found online on

The highlights of MLSB 2012 include four invited talks by

* Uwe Ohler, Duke University & Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology/Max Delbrück Center & Humboldt Universität Berlin: Deciphering transcription regulation: from individual sites to cell type specific expression * Yves Moreau, KU Leuven Kernel methods for genomic data fusion

* Pascal Falter-Braun, TU München: Signatures of evolution and systems organization from an Arabidopsis interactome network map

* Ben Lehner, Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona: The genetics of individuals: why would a mutation kill me, but not you?

Please note the early registration for MLSB/ECCB on July 31, 2012 (for registration visit http://www.eccb12.orgregistration-info).

We are looking forward to meeting you in Basel!

Best regards, Karsten Borgwardt and Gunnar Rätsch
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