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LAUNCH Festival - March 7 & 8, San Francisco
LAUNCH Festival - March 7 & 8, San Francisco

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We're so excited to have the Model X at our event! Check out the photo and videos.

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Just when you thought we were done announcing prize money...BOOM!

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Check out Jason's tips for a great demo and his insights into this year's LAUNCH Festival.

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This is unprecedented -- the LAUNCH Festival will give out a total of $269k now that Charles River Ventures has agreed to invest $100k in one of the winners. Are you going to be at our event March 7 & 8 in SF?

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It's an honor to win a prize at the LAUNCH Festival, where just 40 startups get to debut or launch new products on stage. But how about winning serious dough? Oh, and we're not done yet.

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By Jason Calacanis

"The fabulously successful incubator Y Combinator released its 9th RFS last week with a bizarre title.

RFS is short for "requests for startups," as in, "We would love to accept startups in this genre for our next class and give them a huge pile of cash from Yuri Milner and Ron Conway -- two of the biggest names in the Valley."

And what did Y Combinator request?

More mobile social? More education 2.0 startups? More core technology?


They asked for companies that will "Kill Hollywood."


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If you needed another reason to launch at LAUNCH in SF March 7 & 8, look no further -- we're so excited to be working with TechStars to make this the best event for startups ever!

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Every day a couple of dozen folks email me asking me to tell them what I think of their products.

When I have the time, or interest, to respond I generally ask myself a battery of questions:

a. Is the logo iconic?
b. Could you tell me the domain name over the phone once and have me type it in correctly?
c. Is it clear within 10 seconds what the purpose of this product or service is? Does it matter if it is clear?
d. Is the design world-class?

Those are tactical questions that let me know the person has skills. Everyone can pass those tests with a couple of months of hard work.

My two brutal questions, which you can't simply pass with a couple of months of hard work, are how recommendable and unforgettable your product is.

Here is how I ask them:

1. Would I recommend this product?
2. Will I remember this product next month and next year?

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Latest editorial by +Jason Calacanis.

"I recently had author Warren Bennis on "This Week in Startups" and he said something that struck me deeply:

"Leaders define reality."

The interview was so long we broke it into two parts. It's a commitment, but if you watch it I think you'll get a lot our of it. Part one & two.

The origin of the quote seems to be Napoleon Bonaparte: "The leader's role is to define reality, then give hope."

The challenge is that as a founder, you're going to be faced with brutal reality after brutal reality.

Looking back at my three big startups I can recall each of these "reality defining" discussions, and there is some advice I can give on them..."
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