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How did I miss the fact that Beyoncé made an Apocalypse World-themed video?
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James Mendez Hodes

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What We Talk About When We Talk About Drugs

You know what I just noticed?

When we talk about drugs we take for short periods of time, or to fix specific medical problems, especially physical problems, we usually say "medicine."

When we talk about drugs that we take for long periods of time, or to mitigate chronic illnesses and the symptoms thereof, especially mental ones, we usually say "meds" or "medication."

When we disparage someone whom we think has an undiagnosed mental illness, or a diagnosed mental illness that is untreated, or even a diagnosed and treated mental illness that nevertheless marks their personality, we usually say, "That person needs to take his meds" or "That person needs to be on medication," rather than "That person needs to take some medicine."

Is this just me? Or have the rest of you noticed these patterns as well?
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That's really what I mean by "normativity" here. Medicine returns you to your normative state, meds mark you as non-normative.
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The kids I DM for cleared out a castle full of devils who had invaded Hades. I rolled up treasure for them and got, among other things, "some minor magical trinket," so I figured that two Barbs of the Black Gate would be an appropriate reward. I described two twisted iron spikes which the cleric of Hades recognized from his appearance before the Black Gates the last time he died.

The fighter then decided to see what one did by hammering it into his own skull.

I spent what must have been a good five minutes staring at this kid in disbelief and asking him if he was sure he wanted to do this. He was 100% sure. I asked the other kids if they wanted to interfere. They were sure they didn't.

"Okay," I said. "You die."

"I heal him," said the cleric.

"You can't," I said, explaining the effects of the Barb.

"Okay, I resurrect him," said the cleric.

"You can't do that either. He's just dead. No ghost, no undead, no resurrection, nothing."

They are now hauling his corpse in a cart to Hades's citadel so that Hades himself can bring him back to life in exchange for information.
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While that is awesome, the kid may have just been doing it for LOLZ rather than intentionally making a statement. Good on them for sticking with it and accepting the consequences rather than trying to take it back.
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Guys, I'm sorry, but I can't take it anymore. I GM Dungeon World five days a week for elementary-school kids, and asking them to roll monster damage against each other just takes too long. I'm going to start rolling it myself. T___T
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The game doesn't break if the GM rolls damage, and if it makes your games faster, easier, and more fun, don't hesitate to do it. 

When I first started GMing DW, I'd roll damage dealt to the players, but after a few sessions got them to roll. Both work fine, but there's a freedom I now enjoy playing diceless GMing.
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James Mendez Hodes

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I'm a little confused by this article. Taking (or for that matter, painting) a picture of yourself is a lot older than selfies; what makes selfies different?

"I've posted selfies to Facebook, and Twitter. I always feel bad about it; it always takes several tries to not look stupid, and even now, I kind of hate all of them. 'Hey guys, I'm by myself!' my selfie says, 'Can you please somehow indicate that other humans are out there so that I do not collapse into my own loneliness????? LOLOLOL; Please, god, no."

Okay, it seems pretty clear that selfies are a bad idea for the author herself, but …

"Young women take selfies because they don't derive their sense of worth from themselves, they rely on others to bestow their self-worth on them — just as they've been taught. From the time they're itty bitty, little girls are bombarded with images of idealized female forms. They're indoctrinated with Victoria's Secret-style cartoonishly unobtainable passive Sexiness® and told that this is what they should Be When They Grow Up. They're being sold 'flirty' child-sized Halloween costumes modeled after 'sexy' adult costumes. They're told that they're at their best when they're at their most decorative."

Sure, I buy that mass media overemphasizes an unrealistic standard of feminine beauty, but … do selfies? I'm really not sure. It seems like selfies—essentially the result of the ubiquity of the camera phone—grant us a lot more control over our ability to show others what we want to look like. It's possible that women are taking selfies for the reason cited, but how does the author know? Does she speak for you?

This is not a rhetorical question; I'm actually curious.
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SJ Twitter (Social Justice Twitter!) made some salient points about how selfies by WOC and other minorities inject images that are representative, whereas the media continues with the dominant narrative. How awesome is it to see people to actually see people like me on social media?
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James Mendez Hodes

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Does anyone reading me know jogo do pau, or know someone who studies it? +Jacob Norwood maybe? I have a Portuguese staff fighter in a Steal Away Jordan module I'm writing, and I'd like to check a couple of facts with someone.
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Yeah. Luis Preto. He's Portuguese, has written lots of books on the subject, and he's very approachable. Try him on facebook or google him.
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I made a tumblr about Dungeon World—specifically, about the goofy exploits of the kids for whom I GM (such as the Barb of the Black Gate story I posted to this community a week or so ago). Follow it for more weird stories about eight-year-olds learning to be necromancers.
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Thanks for your enthusiasm, everyone! Please keep telling your friends about this =)

How this started: I work at a FLGS which does after-school programs for kids; I am the RPG coordinator there and so I run ongoing games most days of the week. I started with the base classes and materials, but I've added to them as the kids have requested or the fiction has demanded: for example, a vampire killed one of the girls and she rolled a 7-9 on Last Breath, with Death's offer being that she returned to life as a vampire, so I wrote a Vampire compendium class. Another kid retired his character and requested a necromancer class, so I wrote one.

Generally I do world-building during character generation, building on the kids' bonds, the druid's terrain, and other such details. I work on fronts a little bit between sessions.
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James Mendez Hodes

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Don Roley breaks down the history of the "straight-bladed ninja sword" myth.
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James Mendez Hodes

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Does anyone reading this have any music by MC Trouble?
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James Mendez Hodes

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There are so many things to say, but let's start with "Why is everyone white?"
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Everyone knows that Noah was Australian. Russel Crowe fits in perfectly!

Also it's ok to be a drunkard as long as you save the life on earth from extinction :D
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