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Just dancing, officer.
Just dancing, officer.

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We have functional alpha playtest documents for Thousand Arrows! If you have experience running other Powered by the Apocalypse games, you should be able to take your group through character creation and a few game sessions with these. The documents include character sheets, role and allegiance (playbook) sheets, a rules summary including a list of common moves, and a force record sheet for Tenchi (the game master/master of ceremonies). Comment here with your interest and we can add you to the Google Drive folder.

Has anyone in my circles got insight on whether High Plains Samurai is something I would be interested in? I read the preview and the Kickstarter page as well as several comments by the author about how it's supposed to be complete fantasy with no reference to the real world; but the fact that it nevertheless has several Asian signifiers from different cultures confuses me. I haven't got a sense of what kind of samurai stories it's built to tell. I like fictional and fantasy samurai stories, but I tend to prefer works which prioritize a Japanese attitude towards samurai stories rather than a Western (not the genre, the region) one, since the Western take on samurai is kind of a source of regular inconvenience to me as an Asian-American writer/designer. +Richard Rogers, any thoughts?

Do any swordsmen reading me have recommendations for sword bags? I go through like two bags a year and I'm reaching the point where I don't care how much money I need to spend to stop literally ripping through these things.

I want a durable bag that fits the following criteria but I'd settle for one that hits any two of them, really.
1) Can carry two long swords without stretching and breaking. I have a tachi that's 121.5 cm long and 13 cm deep, plus a katana that's 105 long and 7 deep.
2) Can be comfortably worn with a backpack as well. In fact, something MOLLE-compatible might be good.
3) Conceals the sword from view. I live in the United States and I am not white.

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The very first tabletop role-playing project I ever wrote for is finally available for purchase! I wrote Dark Streets's Borough Guides for the Bronx, Manhattan, and Shàolín. If you like possessed subway trains, opera ghosts, psychic landfills, or the Wu-Tang Clan, I can hook you up.

The first Urban Shadows supplement, Dark Streets just went live on DTRPG!

I'm so excited about this book. It has an amazing group of writers in it, everyone from some of my favorite indie writers like +Andy Kitkowski and +Shoshana Kessock to old school rpg stalwarts like +Kenneth Hite and Paula and Steve Dempsey. It also features a bunch of amazing writers of color writing about cities they know and love: +Whitney Beltrán, +Eloy Lasanta, +Ajit George, +James Mendez Hodes, and +Tim Rodriguez. Just amazing work and all stuff that's immediately useful at the table for running games in those cities!

In addition to a few essays that +Andrew Medeiros and I wrote for the book, I'm also excited about the new playbooks!

- The Revenant (Night) returns from the dead to take vengeance, losing touch with humanity more directly than any other Archetype as Corruption takes hold.

- The Vessel (Wild), a constructed being, skips Corruption completely; they have to become human through Redemption to deny their own programmed urges.

- The Hallowed (Power) leads a flock of the faithful through the valley of doubt... but who is really in charge? The shepherd or the flock?

+Marissa Kelly also helped us add a new Mortality Archetype (The Scholar) based on characters like Dean Corso from The Ninth Gate. A dealer in arcane artifacts, The Scholar adds a new dimension of commerce to any Urban Shadows game.

It's all really cool stuff, and I'm so proud of how it all came together. It's been a long project (2 years+) and it's just now hitting me that it's done. I hope you all like it!

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As I mentioned on Twitter and Facebook, Rob's review makes me doubly proud to have worked on Pirate Nations. I wrote some of Aragosta, almost all of Jaragua, and all of the ATC.
Because it's only a preview, I settled for a light review of the forthcoming Pirate Nations book for 7th Sea. Short version: It's great. If you want more Pirates of the Caribbean in your swashbuckling, it 100% has you covered. Even if the book were crap (and it's not) it would be worth it for the villainous Atabean Trading Company, who are my new mental template for how to make a really awesome villainous organization in 7th Sea.

Top Ten High School Albums
3 Feet High and Rising - De La Soul
Original Pirate Material - The Streets
beautifulgarbage - Garbage
Amethyst Rock Star - Saul Williams
The Green Album - Weezer
Parklife - Blur
Black on Both Sides - Mos Def
Gorillaz - Gorillaz
Cinquième as - MC Solaar
Deltron 3030 - Deltron 3030

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For the War on Christmas.

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At a bar mitzvah last summer for one of the Dungeon Elementary kids.

Orange Diamond.

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On the anniversary of Kristallnacht …
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