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Strix always on point.
I wrote an article for Tor! About gaming! You've maybe been hearing buzz from me lately about minority settings. I've been exploring the topic myself as I've ventured into writing settings for indie games.

I feel like this is a really important topic with a lot of nuance, and one that could bear a lot of discussion. My hope is that in the near future we see many more conscientiously and well designed settings that break away from the status quo : )
A discussion of RPGs that seek to be more inclusive of minority characters.
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I'd never heard of the Tulsa riots... It sounds almost like a pogrom in nature... 
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James Mendez Hodes

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I enjoy being alive and fear death, so, sure.
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James Mendez Hodes

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It's NinjaGram's tenth birthday. The thing I gave the world is still going strong.
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"One of Swarthmore's most beloved and popular traditions, the NinjaGram campaign is a massive undertaking by and for Swarthmore students." I am kvelling here.
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James Mendez Hodes

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Whose idea was the "sword = str, bow = dex" thing anyway?
I don't want to preach full simulationism, but here's something interesting that a lot of RPG systems got backwards.
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+James Mendez Hodes but for compsite/war/heavy bows you needed 16+ str or some big number like that
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James Mendez Hodes

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AfroFuture Gets That Paper: Crowdfunding via Different Play!

If you’ve ever gamed with me and enjoyed it, read my blog about RPGs with kids and laughed, or felt a deep and powerful desire to get down and stick it to the Man, now’s your chance to throw small quantities of money at the matter. AfroFuture, the Ishmael Reed- and P-Funk-inspired tabletop role-playing game I’m writing about music and social justice, is getting crowdfunded via the Different Play Patreon! Different Play funds, mentors, and networks games, designers, and artists from underrepresented perspectives—race, gender, ability, sexuality, you know how we do.

This is the website with the pitches for AfroFuture and the other ill games in the pipeline, which you might be even more into:

This is the Patreon:

If Different Play hits $700 per game between all the backers, then AfroFuture gets artwork. So if you ever wanted to see Huā Mùlán and Stagger Lee throw down against Andrew Jackson, Vivian James, their jackbooted minions on the streets of the Chocolate City, you might consider pledging a couple extra bucks.

 In fact, you know what? I’m including a special bonus reward for anyone who pledges $12 or more: while supplies last, you get to work with me to design an AfroFuture operative, based on one of your favorite songs, for inclusion in the final version of the game! That sounds fun, right? It’ll be really fun.

I’m committed to bringing the best possible version of AfroFuture to as many people as possible, even those who can’t afford a .pdf; to do otherwise would run counter to the values of the game. But Different Play has the power to make it happen faster and better. So if you’re interested, pledge a dollar and/or reshare the link. It means a lot to me; and more importantly, you’re keeping the funk alive.
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Mo Jave
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James Mendez Hodes

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missionary: you must be christian
mongols: ok
missionary: and not all these other religions
mongols: hahahahaha no but seriously what do you want us to do
missionary: you can’t be more than one religion!
mongol: i’m five religions right now
other mongol: i’m twelve
other other mongol: i lost count
missionary: this is the worst job
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To be fair, Sorghaghtani loved the whole Prester John thing
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James Mendez Hodes

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Does anyone reading me speak Malayāḷam or Tamiḻ? I have a vocabulary question.
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James Mendez Hodes

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This is my Dreamation schedule!

Thursday 2000-2400: AfroFuture

Friday 0900-1300: Samurai World
Friday 1400-1800: Fate Core - The Great Game
Friday 2000-2400: AfroFuture

Saturday 0900-1300: Samurai World
Saturday 2000-2400: AfroFuture

Sunday 1000-1400: Samurai World
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I will totally find you!
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My two rooming options for Dreamation just evaporated, so: anyone got floor space available? I have an air mattress.
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Oh, I'd pay my full share of course!
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I'm ten episodes into Agents of SHIELD and three episodes into Agent Carter and I have to say, the fight choreography in Agent Carter is working much better for me. SHIELD's balletic weirdness is hard to follow sometimes. It's like

Bad guy: I try to hit you
Good guy: I do ten backflips
Bad guy: I do five backflips and try to hit you again
Good guy: I hit you pretty much the same way I hit you already but this time you fall down
Bad guy: Ow
Good guy: I do a badass pose and then look at the camera.

… which is true even of Mockingbird's fights, which have probably been my favorites so far.

On the other hand, Hayley Atwell fights exactly the way I hope I would fight under the same circumstances. She uses her environment to attack and defend, controls motion with joint locks and breaks in combination with striking, launches powerful attacks from angles her enemy can't cover, and never wastes time. That's how ninjutsu is supposed to look.
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I don't think Shield fights are that bad (and some of the styles, like Mockingbird's, I think are designed to be true to the comics).  But Agent Carter's fights, particularly Haley Atwell's, are great.
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James Mendez Hodes

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I sometimes write poetry: rap, sonnets, archaic Greek and Latin forms, even some free verse. There are a lot of love poems, especially lately. Anyone want in on a circle where I post these things? I need criticism.
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My critique may just be "Cool" but I enjoy reading poems
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I need you guys to reshare +Betsy Isaacson's article until every last employer believes it.
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+Kit La Touche
No, because the capitalists have all the money and influence. =/
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writing, editing, teaching, martial arts, running role-playing games for screaming children, running role-playing games for quiet children, really mostly screaming children though
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    I teach teenagers to SAT and ACT real good.
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  • The Container Store
    sales, 2011 - 2012
  • Kekst & Company
    intern, 2005 - 2005
  • Fulvio & Associates, LLP
    accountant, 2009 - 2010
  • The Buckley School NYC
    athletics instructor, 2008 - 2009
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