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KevinG Lim
HTML5, Chrome, Android, Google+, geekery & tech communication. No knitting posts, ever.
HTML5, Chrome, Android, Google+, geekery & tech communication. No knitting posts, ever.

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The website for DHTMLConf is hilarious.

It's a legit conference by the same fella who curates for JSConf (+Malte Ubl). 

Friday March 7th 3pm - 7pm  
Adobe, 601 Townsend Street, San Francisco, CA. 
$20 only

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#Google works on another #Scifi project... A contact lense that could detect glucose levels.

#startrektoday  #wearablegadget

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Finally. You can find that culprit tab that's blaring some jingle. Chrome now shows a speaker icon on the guilty tab. 

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My favorite form of literachur: Amazon reviews by smartypants. 

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Google buys the company behind Timely, so this great mobile app is now free. It's a fantastic alarm clock, countdown alarm, and timer. Beautiful UI and UX.

#free #greatapp #timely

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Here's a true account of a man who found his long-lost birth mother with Google Maps. I read his incredible story a while back ( and was pleasantly surprised to see his happy reunion retold in a short (a Google ad).  

Saroo Brierley: Homeward Bound

#googlemaps   #technologyforgood   #sobstory   #happyending  

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QuickOffice is now free. It's a mobile app that lets you edit Office docs, spreadsheets, and presos.

And for a limited time (until Sept 26, 2013), Google throws in free 10 GB on Google Drive for two years.


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How Google+ engineers improved latency significantly.

Interesting results from an experiment I ran recently to switch Google+ from downloading CSS via XHR to using the link tag.

We were using XHR to download CSS (this was to work around an issue in IE - exceeding the limit on the number of rules in a single stylesheet; for convenience we used XHR for all browsers). When it came to our attention that XHRs are requested at low priority (unless they are sync), we decided to run an experiment to see its impact on G+ latency.

In SPDY capable browsers this resulted in a big latency improvement. In Chrome 27 we saw a 4x speedup at the median, and 5x at 25th percentile. In Firefox 21 we saw a 5x speedup at median, and 8x at 25th percentile. No significant impact was seen at the 99th percentile.

In conclusion, in a SPDY world, XHRs are requested at low priority (except sync XHRs), and are opaque to the browser. Using declarative markup like <link> enables the browser to do appropriate resource prioritization.

Get a deal on Google Play Music All Access (Try saying that 3x really fast). 

Enjoy streaming music (radio style or pick an album to play) for  $7.99 a month if you start your trial by June 30, 2013.
(US only) 

#android   #music  

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