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Save current webpage's plain text to google drive.
The Save Text to Google Drive Chrome extension helps you save web text content to your Google Drive.

Main Features:
  1. Save Text to Google Drive.
  2. You can set a path for saving, the default path is root.
  3. You can read it by Owlsee textReader.

The extension is a "read later" tools which work with Google Drive. You should read it with Owlsee textReader( in a comfortable way anytime anywhere.
Owlsee can record your recently reading process, and go to there after you opening the file again. also support defines tags, defines bookmarks, custom font size, full text searching etc.

Change log

Feb 14, 2013, version 0.5.4
  1. Saving action now in a popup window, you can do other thing when saving file to Google Drive.
  2. You can set saving path in google drive. default is root path.
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