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Failure to have a balanced account of assets will result in #trustee or #executor liability. Plan ahead with Port Legal (614) 641-7399

Certain states have their own #estatetax & laws regarding #probate. Port Legal will plan accordingly to guard, guide & defend your assets!

Adding Trust protectors to a #will ensures the most tax-efficient asset transfer. One of many #probate prep steps Port Legal can help with

Every day is precious, cherish your time with peace of mind & careful #estateplanning with Port Legal

A #livingtrust through Port Legal can help you minimize or possibly avoid the added costs, time delays of state #probate (614) 641-7399

Do you have children? It's important to choose a guardian when #estateplanning Protect your family legacy w/ Port Legal (614) 641-7399

You'd do anything to care for your children. And you can do it for generations to come thru #estateplanning with Port Legal (614) 641-7399

Does your #will include powers of attorney for personal care and for property? Port Legal will help you plan & avoid stress (614) 641-7399

If you don't prepare for your own death, you pass the burden to family & friends. Nobody needs that stress, call Port Legal (614)641-7399

Families often find it hard to split sentimental items of a loved one. Make your wishes clear in advance w/ #estateplanning by Port Legal
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