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For trade/sale
Patty Power (paint sample)
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Lt. Jones for LV-426 art show
On April 26, there is a viral marketing campaign for the Alien movie franchise. I was happy to be asked to be a part of an art show to coincide with that event. This is my piece of Jonesy (Ripley's cat) in a Nostromo space suit. I always loved that Jones su...

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Rash of Beatings for Pixel Hearts art show
I was incredibly honored to be asked to participate in the Pixel hearts art show, by my friend Chogrin. The concept behind the show is that each artist has a 12" wooden heart to paint or do a print on. The running theme is video games, as the heart looks li...

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Best of 2015
I have been making it a point to keep doing my "Best of" posts. If you used to follow this blog before, I used to regularly post record reviews, but I just don't have the time to dedicate to that anymore, so do it once a year now. Lots of good releases this...

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Clutter GIFTWRAPPED 2015 show
I was super stoked to get invited to be a part of another show at Clutter . If you're not familiar with them, they do an awesome magazine and have a shop/ gallery in upstate NY. The show was pretty free form, so I painted a couple of toys. All were painted ...

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Guacamole Green BEARRITO!!!
Bearrito does not want to give you a hug, he wants to eat you! Beware the next time you are in the woods and you see a large tasty burrito walking around... This is the exclusive "Radioactive guacamole" colorway, cast in glowing green and black swirls! The ...

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BxE Buttons new items!!!
Hitting the holiday season hard with a bunch of new items for BxE Buttons . The "Bart Jerks" ‬ design is available in an enamel pin, sticker and button. ‪ ‬"Don't Blame Me, I Voted For Kodos" is available in sticker and button versions. Yes, that is a ‪ Tay...

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[17.5] Phibes- Unreleased EP
in summer of 2011, this was to be the follow up to Phibes' demo tape.
Unfortunately the band broke up in early 2012, and it remained unheard
by the masses. The band was heavily influenced by early 80's California
hardcore punk, such as T.S.O....

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[BE-16] The Flex- Flexual Healing vol. 5: Do Ya Think I'm Flexi?
The UK boys are back! Recorded during the same session as their EP on Lockin Out Records (coming soon), these 2 new songs are hard stomping in your face hardcore. The Flex take heavy influence from late 80's NYHC, and early 80's Boston HC/punk. You should a...
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