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Gabriel Clogston
Neutral Good Human Warrior (Level 20)
Neutral Good Human Warrior (Level 20)

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Wow, these cover photos just got absurdly large...

Where has everyone been lately? Jeesh ....

What's that you say? I'm the one who has been gone? Blah, blah, blah, details.

Just saw X-Men: First Class... Eh... it was a decent movie, but I wasn't really a fan.

I am anxiously awaiting my cold dinner.

For Kristin, here is that tutorial I told you about.

Hey Google+ you know what I love most about your lack of an app for the Blackberry?

How fucking useless your Blackberry web support is too. Thanks for giving me a way to see what circles I have... but no way of seeing who is in them... in fact I have no way of seeing my friends at all outside of the last 10 to post something. Handy...

My favorite thing about hurricane season? Watching weathermen standing in the middle of a hurricane... up to their knees in water, rain falling all around them, dodging 80 mph trash blowing by them, standing awkwardly so they don't fall over... trying their damnedest to try to deliver weather updates.

Guys, we get the point, the weather is really bad. Go inside!

I wish the Muppet Show was still on the air.


I am a rabble rouser, I rouse rabbles.
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