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No Excuses
It's been over a year since I've last written a blog post. I have four drafts since last August, but I haven't completed them. I did get around to developing titles for them, though. Seven Months in an  Affluent School - Lessons Learned My Fourth Middle Sch...

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How is Your Master Schedule Looking?
Spring...a time in the realm of public school education that is better known as the roller coaster ride. It's a wild ride after spring break! In the midst of year-end assessments, award assemblies, and IEP meetings looms something that keeps many school adm...

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What's More Important...Computers or Skills?
I can honestly say these past two years have been an
incredible learning curve for me. I had an opportunity to change jobs, not once
but twice, and took both of them! The first was a lateral move from one school to
another in the same division. The building...

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This past weekend, I participated in a Twitter chat called #satchat. In my opinion, it is one of the best run edchats out there right now. Though it takes place at 7:30 in the morning, I try my hardest to participate each week, as I am always learning somet...

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I'm having a REALLY hard time finding clothes lately, so I've turned it over to someone else - Stitchfix! Here are some thoughts on my first StitchFix experience! 

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Lencioni is Right
Image found on Lencioni is right. That whole pyramid is pure genius. If you
want to achieve a goal, then you have to start from the bottom and work your
way up, especially if you are new to an organization. Even if your...

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Remember the Past, But Always Be Present
I absolutely LOVE working with kids because it gives me a legitimate reason to keep up with pop culture. If it wasn't for children, I may very well have succumbed to a life of "90s music stations and watching NCIS years ago. Not that there is anything wrong...

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Getting Ready For A Safety Audit, and Blogging About It!
The nice thing about preparing for a safety audit within a few months of starting a new job is that I get to learn my new building inside and out in record time. The audit performed by our school division is pretty comprehensive: over 130 pages of checklist...

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When to Favorite, and When to Reply
Everyone loves a good list. Though I had been on Twitter for
a few years, I didn’t become a regular at “Tweeting” until this past year. It
was a New Year’s resolution to do so, and I did a pretty good job of sticking
with it. One of the things I had to get ...

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Holidays Aren't Always Happy
I remember working with a student who was having behavioral difficulties, and was often falling asleep in class. Getting to know him and his mom, I learned that they lived in a motel room off the highway. Mom worked in a fast food restaurant. Most of the ti...
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