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I never use G+ but this issue is important enough for me to share here, in the hope more people will see this and help rally against it.
I signed the petition, donated money, and sent a personal email to my local MP about this. I am extremely passionate about this

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Prediction: instead of Oracle coming out and admitting they were morons about their idiotic suit against Android, they'll come out posturing and talk about how they'll be vindicated, and pay lawyers to take it to the next level of idiocy.

Sometimes I really wish I wasn't always right. It's a curse, I tell you.

Logged on to G+ for the first time in 6 months. My "friends" circle hasn't had any updates in it since October. And my other circles are dominated by +Paul Stovell
I guess there is no need to use this service :-/

I'm in California at the moment. Doing a Silverlight engagement with a large client.
Been here for 3 weeks, will be staying here for another 2 months.
Lovely weather.

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Here are my notes from the keynote.

My SHORT summary:

The "Metro style apps" are the new "immersive apps". This means they are a full screen application that is launched from the new Tile based start screen.

You can write the new apps equally well in C#/XAML or HTML5/JS
The apps all use the same underlying API (just like how you could use C# or VB.Net to code WPF apps).

Everything else is a legacy now.
But the new XAML platform in windows 8 is like 90% compatible with Silverlight. In most cases it is just a matter of changing the namespaces to port a Silverlight app to a new "Metro immersive app"
You can also take an immersive app you've written for Win8, change 1 line of code, and it will usually run straight away on a Windows Phone 7.

I didn't have any major plans to install Win8 before the keynote. But after seeing how nice the general UI is of Windows 8, I'll be installing it on EVERY pc in my house.
It also has a LOT of integration with Windows Live. Similar to how Windows Phone 7 has "people, calendar, mail, etc". All of that is now integrated in with the live tiles.

Lastly, there is now a windows marketplace. Exactly the same as WinPhone7, but for Windows 8. Goes through the same approval process, etc. as you do for WinPhone7
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