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I resolved that none of the SD cards (3) I've tried with my Raspi(s) like being overclocked at "Turbo". "High" is high enough.

In other news, I ordered a 512MB one from RS a month ago. I should have it by xmas :(. I coulda had one from CPC cheaper & weeks ago if I'd cancelled.

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just compiled this into an email, thought it might be worth sharing: an excellent example of game theory - a version of the prisoners' dilemma in Golden Balls:

golden balls. the weirdest split or steal ever!

premise should be obvious from context, but here it is anyway;
that if they both agree to share, they split the prize money
if one "shares", and the other "steals", the stealer takes it all
if both "steal", both get nothing.

How to play "Yellow Car":
How to play 'Yellow Car'

Arthur Shappy is played by John Finnemore in his radio sitcom "Cabin Pressure" (
-it's on Radio 4 from time to time & is lite & good - catch it if you can.
"St Petersberg" is the best episode I've heard. Yellow car was mentioned in the episode "Ottery St Mary"

John Finnemore also has his own radio sketch show "John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme"
-an clever sketch from this: John Finnemore - The guards and the Saphire City (John Finnemore - The guards and the Saphire City)

He has also collaborated w Mitchell & Webb (+ David Mitchell on his web rants)
Cabin Pressure won the Writers Guild of Great Britain 2011 award for Best Radio Comedy, and was voted Best British Radio Sitcom in the British Comedy Guide Awards 2011.
John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme was voted Best British Radio Sketch Show in the British Comedy Guide Awards 2011.

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hopefully, will work with Raspi.

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Ok, for some good reason, you have a bank/credit card that you can lawfully use, but the PIN's been set by someone else. There's a one in ten chance the PIN will be 1234. If that fails, 1111 will be your next best shot.

If any of your PINs are close to the top of the list, do consider changing them.

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There needs to be a standard way quantifying the performance of AAs (and other batteries, but we could start with AAs) - obv things will vary over time and be load-dependant, but plebs (like me) need guidance pls.

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Interesting insights into how The Budget is produced

I'm wondering whether or not I should find it odd (or not) that /they/ have decided to schedule V fo Vendetta at this time.

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Irish Presidential Election 2011
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