Hello guys! Here is a game I created, a solo RPG to be played on the streets, without the need for data, dice, writing ... it uses cars - more specifically, car colors - as a random factor.
Basically, the story is this: In this game, you have been mysteriously transported to a corner street, in a parallel reality slightly different from ours. You have only a vague recollection - a deja vu - that you know is the only thing that can bring you back. Otherwise, your memories will be replaced by new ones - your mind will adapt to this new reality - and you will simply cease to be "you.
You know that the order in which certain cars will stop at the traffic light will be the necessary condition to reopen the portal and transport you back home.

It was inspired by Matt Bohnhoff's "Anything Helps" game.
PS: Sorry for the grammar and English mistakes. I am correcting them, slowly...
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