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My final Out of Our Minds show can be heard here:…/out-of-our-minds-we…

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My last time Out of Our Minds radio show was this past Wednesday. It's been nearly 15 years since I took over and it's time to move on. Rachelle Escamilla will be the new host, and I'm sure she will do an excellent job! I'll keep the show archives going, and will try to add older shows as I have time. Thanks to everyone who was on the show and thanks to all who listened.  Time to strike the set and call it a wrap...

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Article about Facebook's ID policy and how it's not only racist, but also sexist, genderist, dangerous, and works to suppress marginalized people:

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HELP HELP HELP! Our doggy rescue needs to gather up 6000 plus votes  before midnight EST tonight! PLEASE help us! If Dahlia's photo gets most votes, the sanctuary wins a $25,000 donation, desperately needed for a new fence. If anyone can do it, I know you guys can do it. Please help us and spread the word. Here's the link: 
And visual instructions are attached as well.


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Just saw this came out, the new issue of Bear Review has my poem "Foreclosure City" in it, Meg Johnson, Simone Muench & Dean Rader, John Gallaher and many more!  Check it out:

Hey poets, since I had my ekphrastic workshop suspended in facebook limbo, we are starting a new iteration of The Workshop of The Ekphrastic Bard, and not all of our old members have gotten the word about the new group, which means I have room for poets interested in a weekly ekphrastic challenge of writing a poem to a specific painting. If this sounds like something you'd be interested, then contact me: jpdancingbear (at) gmail (dot) com.

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Interview with me by Gary McDowell about DHP on Boog City:

Well, since my facebook groups appear to be lost, I will be starting The Workshop of the Ekphrastic Bard on Google Groups. Poets interested in joining should drop me a line.

Someone just pointed out to me that Facebook is racist, since it require anyone using their First Nation names to have ID documents.
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