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Josen Ruiseco

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You and your Yelp Consultant program are an incredible disappointment. Why?

- Webinar time confusion
- Not showing up to webinars
- Broken promises of webinar recordings that are never delivered
- No real strategy training for anything
- No response whatsoever to help tickets when you say 24 hour response guaranteed

I am posting here because I cannot get a response anywhere else.

Please refund me the $67 that I paid for this mess. If it's easier for you, I can handle that through PayPal directly. Just let me know.

Josen Ruiseco

P.S. I'm sure you're a fine human being, and maybe even a fun guy to hang with and drink beer, but as a trainer, mentor, coach, and product creator who wants people to trust him and pay them money for those things... not good at all.

Can you please provide the links to the two webinar recordings, Guillermo?

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I see from a Calendar entry that there is something happening at 10am central time. Not sure what it is. The link goes to this page:

Anyone know what's going on? Is there a webinar now?

Hello everyone. I am a web developer of 15 years. My experience is mostly corporate work during that time. For the past couple of years I have mainly developed websites for clients. Going forward, I am putting my mad online skills to work and offering a full suite of online services, including Reputation Management and Marketing, of which Yelp is a big part of. I'm looking forward to learning and CLOSING FAST!

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