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Fort Cochin New Year Celebration Committee in association with Kingfisher brings you Cochin Carnival curtain raiser.
#wtzupcity #CochinCarnival #bestofkochi

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Why am I always running so fast? Is there something that I don’t want to see?

Listen to this amazing response from Osho and how he unfolds a deeper understanding for the questioner and us. " is not only you; almost everybody is running as fast as he can from himself. And the problem is, you cannot run away from yourself. Wherever you go you will be yourself. The fear is of knowing oneself. It is the greatest fear in the world."
"That idea has sunk very deep into your unconscious – that you are not deserving, that you are utterly worthless. Naturally, the best way is to get away from yourself. Everybody is doing it in different ways: somebody is running for money, somebody is running for power, somebody is running for respectability, somebody is running for virtue, saintliness.

"But if you look deep down, they are not running for anything, they are running from. This is just an excuse, that somebody is running after money madly; he is deceiving himself and the whole world. The reality is that money gives him a good excuse to run after it, and hides the fact that he is running from himself. That′s why when he accumulates money, he comes to a point of tremendous despair and anguish. What has happened? That was his goal; he has achieved it – he should be the happiest man in the world.

"But the people who succeed are not the happiest people in the world, they are the most miserable. What is their anguish? Their anguish is that their whole effort has failed. Now there is no more to run after, and suddenly they are encountering themselves. At the highest peak of their success they meet nobody else but themselves. Strangely enough, this is the fellow they have been running from.

"You cannot run from yourself. On the contrary, you have to come closer to yourself, deeper into your being, and to drop all the condemnatory tones that have been handed over to you by everybody you have known in your life. The parents, the husband, the wife, the neighbors, the teachers, the friends, the enemies, everybody is pointing to something that is wrong in you. From no source comes any appreciation.

"Humanity has created a very strange situation for itself in which nobody is at ease, nobody can relax, because the moment you relax you face yourself. Relaxation becomes almost a mirror, and you don′t want to see your face because you are so much impressed by the condemnatory opinions of others."

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[Personal Information]
Name: Seraphina “Sarah” Andromeda Clarisse Eckbert
Nicknames: Sarah  (Only Jaron and her close friends call her Sarah)
Alias: Princess Seraphina. Betrothed Princess to Glyen
Age: 14-16 (Depending on how old Jaron is.)
Gender: Female
Kingdom: Carthya
Commoner, Royalty, Noble: Royalty
Weapon: (Optional) A 2 foot long silver sword with sapphires on the leathery handle
Personality: Sarah can be calm and collective sometimes. She can be a total diva, sassing everyone she sees. She is natural leader sometimes. She doesn't trust people as quick. Feisty and hot-tempered

[Appearance: (Use picture too)]
Hair  Dirty Blonde   (Usually in pigtails, or a ponytail)
Eyes   Kaleidoscope, (Color changing. Mostly greyish blue)
Body build  (Height: 5’2”), (Weight: 75.3lb), Athletic build.
Clothes  (Princess: A light blue glittering dress. It reaches a bit past her knees. A silver tiara and black combat boots.), (Commoner: A simple brown dress, a pair of stolen combat boots.)
Facial Features  Full lips and bright big eyes. Strong jaw.

Talents: Using a sword. Trickery. Battling. Playing the flute. Sly and agile. Gymnastics
Likes: Training alone, Her sword given to her by an Avenian pirates. (When she finds Jaron….) Her brother Jaron. She sometimes will like to play her flute when she is alone. She likes to call Jaron, ‘Sage’ just to tease him.
Strengths: Swords*Woman*Ship, Dealing with rough aggressive people. People skills.

Disabilities: Hand to hand combat. Using short distance weapons, figuring out plans on the spot
Dislikes: Lying, (Sometimes she will though….) She attempts to do hand to hand...but never wins. Even though she has people skills, she isn’t good at working with people and making friends.
Weaknesses: Sarah is really vulnerable when it comes to her family. She’d die to protect her family. So, Loyalty to friends and family. She will guard her feelings. She isn’t good at making friends.

Mother: Queen Erin Eckbert (Deceased)
Father: King Eckbert (I need his first name) (Deceased)
Siblings: (List age, name, and gender)
(Older brother, 14-16)  Prince/King/Crown Prince Jaron Eckbert)
(Older brother, age) Crown Prince Darius Eckbert) (Deceased)

Seraphina was born a day after Jaron was born. One night while she and her brother (Both were three years of age) was sleeping, Avenia Pirates were somehow able to get into the castle. That night, it was only one pirate who entered. He did not seem to see the boy, Jaron so he took Seraphina. In the morning, when the King and Queen found that their daughter was missing, they were terrified. To not disturb the public, they told them Princess Seraphina was taken to Gleyn to meet the young prince there. Before Princess Seraphina was born, she was betrothed to the Prince of Gleyn. Seraphina then was taken to the Pirate’s hideout and taken in by the women there. The women named her Sarah, for they did not know her real name. Nor that she was a Princess. The man who knew she was a Princess, was the man who kidnapped her. She learned to fight on her own, while watching the pirates train. One day, while she was in her small room, a pirate walked by and took notice that she had a stick and was training on her own. The pirate entered and challenged her to a duel. Sarah was scared, and ended up losing. But her technique wasn’t far off. The woman cared for her until she was 8 years. Not wanting young Sarah to suffer the consequences of being a slave to the Pirates, the women took her to an trusted elderly women who promised to care for her. Before she headed to the elderly woman, the slaves gave her a special sword with the crest of Carthya’s royal family. The sword was 2 foot long and had the crest of Carthya’s royal family carved into the hilt, surrounded by sapphires and a leathery handle. Of course, having the big 8 year old mouth that she had, Sarah soon ratted out the Pirates. The Pirates were charged and some arrested. Others fled. The elderly woman took good care of Sarah, as if she were the woman’s own child. When Sarah turned 10, the elderly woman knew that death was inevitable. Before the woman died, she took Sarah to Madam Mignonette’s girls home. There, she dropped her off, promising that she had a bright future. They never met again. From that day on, she spent her life at Madam Mignonette’s girls home. When she turned 14, a woman, Madam Demeratha came and picked up Sarah, and her friend Claire. Madam Demeratha took Claire and Sarah to a big home. There, they met several other girls. This was called the Princess academy. It was that time, when someone had seen some of the notes from the early life of Jaron, Darius and Seraphina. Madam Demeratha managed to get ahold of Crown Prince Darius’s notes from a diary. It had both Jaron’s and Seraphina’s face on it. Drawings and notes. Madam Demerath hoped to train one of these girls to meet the Prince of Gleyn and become his wife. And if not, be the fraud of Seraphina’s and rule if Jaron was not found. She told the girls about Seraphina Andromeda Clarisse Eckbert. Sarah at that time realized the name seemed familiar, and so did the names of the family. Later on, Sarah had made some friends, they studied proper ettiqutte and much other needed skills to be a royal. Sarah had some education on reading, and playing an instrument, but never went deep. When Sarah completed a book, Madam Demeratha rewarded her a flute. Although she never liked being proper, she did it anyway, so she had some point in life. When Madam Demeratha announced that Prince Jaron had been found a crowned King Jaron, Sarah had no big reaction. Her Avenian accent still lingered in her voice. After the Pirates surrendered to Jaron, they held a big feast. Madam Demeratha’s top 3 Elite girls were invited and one would be noticed as Princess. Sarah was not among the top 3 girls. But she got to come along and meet the Prince as a servant, along with her friend Claire. (Top 3 girls were Amanda, Teirani, Rebecca) When they arrived at the castle, she vaguely recognized it. Something in the back of her mind nagged at her, telling her this was her home. She retrieved her sword and carried in. The Guards didn’t seem to care. She kept her head down when Jaron approached. He inspected each of the girls, with an unimpressed look. When Jaron looked to Sarah, she gulped. Jaron walked closer and asked. “Your name?” Sarah looked up. “Sarah.” An Pirate overheard the name and gasped. “Come, battle me.” He taunted. Sarah took it as a challenge and nodded. She battled like she did all those years ago, with more technique. She won this time. When she had spare time, she’d practice. The Pirate bowed. “You’ve improved.” He turned to King Jaron “I believe we’ve found Princess Seraphina.” Sarah backed up quickly, dropping her sword. “I am an orphan not a royal!” Jaron smiled. He picked up the sword. “Then tell me, why does this sword have the family symbol on it?” Sarah looked at it closely. “I-I don’t know…” Jaron sighed. “I was like you once.” Sarah gulped. “I believe, I’ve found my one day late, twin.” Jaron said triumphantly. The Prince of Gleyn entered the hall. “And I’ve found my betrothed?”

~Even though she is a girl, she can fight like a freaking trained guard.
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Bringing happiness and days of prosperity, Malayalam New Year Chingam month commences today.

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weekend may 29 2016
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The life you want is there. Keep searching for the path that is best for you because we all have a unique path we can take.

Hope you enjoy this weeks Motivational Monday video! 

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Happy PRE Valentine’s day !

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