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Jenn Barber
Loves all that is the net, music, cooking, & I'm Hank's mom.
Loves all that is the net, music, cooking, & I'm Hank's mom.

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Infographic // What Does year Handwriting Say about you? by Carey Dunne via +Fast Company

Some things were spot on, and some were not. My long crossed T's may be the most accurate: "You are very determined and enthusiastic. However, you tend to be stubborn and have a hard time letting things go."

That's me!

#handwriting #infographic  

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Social Fresh West in San Diego // Twitter Contest

If you're at #SocialFresh West in #SanDiego , be sure to enter to win +SiteLab Interactive's #SoFreshTip Twitter contest. It's easy, just:

1) Tweet a tip or pic representing a tip you learned at Social Fresh West
2) include the hashtag #SoFreshTip
3) Follow @SiteLabbers on Twitter to hear if you've won a MiLi mobile charger

Good luck!

#Twitter #TwitterMarketing #Contest  
 We’ve decided to run a #SoFreshTip #Twitter contest during the +Social Fresh conference to keep things fresh!

Share your freshest tip during #SocialFresh with the hashtag #SoFreshTip   for a chance to win a mobile device charger. #contest #SanDiego #socialmedia  

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Just for Fun // Hidden Personality Traits Revealed Through Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor via +Reader's Digest 

My favorite flavors reveal I'm:
Argumentative - Mint Chocolate Chip
Generous, competent, and a go-getter - Chocolate Chip

My fave flavor of all time, is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. I wonder what that means? That I like butter... a lot?

Read more:

#chocolate #icecream #personalitytypes  

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Content Marketing // 3 Ways to Make your Content More Shareable via +Peg Fitzpatrick 
3 Ways to Make your Content More Shareable

by +Martin Jones for +Cox Business 

"Although the rapid spread of the web has made it easier for browsers to get information on almost any product or subject, it has also made it difficult for businesses to stand out from the crowded field. With so much content, how can you be sure that your unique content will reach as many potential customers as possible?

Increasingly, the answer to this question seems to be to make the information you post on your website as engaging, shareable and interconnected as possible. As social networking sites
become a more dominant part of Americans’ lives, they present a unique opportunity for creative companies to create a viral marketing campaign."

Read the full article here: 

Pin it for later:

#socialmedia   #contentmarketing #blogging #HolyKaw   #tl
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Recipe // Lightened Up Chicken Enchiladas via Tasty Kitchen blog

These will definitely be added to the weeknight recipe rotation in our household! I did make a few changes:
- 3 chicken breasts instead of 2
- 1 whole green pepper instead of half
- extra Tbsp of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce (we like spicy!)
- 1 cup of shredded Muenster cheese instead of half (less skinny, but tastier

Let me know if you try it!

#recipe #mexicanfood #skinny  

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Funny // 26 Side Effects Of Having A Type-A Personality via +BuzzFeed 

Wow, almost 26 out of 26 for me (no student council for me)! I'm #TypeA to the core.

#organized #punctuality #multitasker << dorkiest hashtags ever
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Comics // This Charming Charlie #Tumblr Blog

Peanuts comics + The Smiths lyrics = MY new favorite Tumblr (via +NPR #Music )

#peanuts #charliebrown #thesmiths

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Today was definitely a #yoga  kind of day. I feel so much better now!

#om   #yogaforhealth  

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Books // 30 Books I’m Glad I Read Before 30 

There are  a lot of books on this list I need to get to like The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Are there any on this list that you REALLY want to read or that you would add?

#books   #booklovers  

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Interesting // Lemonade Freedom Day 2013 is Saturday, August 10th

Wow, really? #US Cops are cracking down on kids selling lemonade so hard there's a site dedicated to #lemonadefreedom

"We encourage everyone, everywhere to go out and open a lemonade stand on August 10th, 2013. This is in response to the bureaucrats and law enforcers who are shutting down lemonade stands for not having permits or licenses."

Have you seen this happen in your home town? A friend living in #NYC just posted on #Facebook that 2 8-yr olds had their lemonade stand shut down by cops today.

This is so incredibly sad to me.

#lemonade #lemonadestand #lemonadefreedom  
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