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Becoming a freelancer is a big step that you have to consider in your career path. It’s not a step that can be taken lightly. You have to think of the pros and cons before making this move. If the pros outweigh the cons then it’s a step that you should take.

I have been a software developer for over 17 years. I have programmed using C, C++, Visual Basic and finally PHP. I have found that having a full time job where there is no room for your growth or you independence have pushed me to becoming a freelance. Think about it, you are your own boss, you make your own decisions, plus, there is no commute! You are free to take any direction you like in dealing with your perspective clients. You don’t have to be stuck with the traditional way your firm does business. You can be creative and come up with out-of-the-box solutions.

I find this especially holds true to the CMS I use to make websites, Drupal. With Drupal’s power any website can be done from simple company websites to much more complex large scale enterprise solutions. The Fact that you can virtually customize anything in Drupal, is what I love about Drupal.

I have came across Toptal. Toptal is a website that pairs companies with top talent developers. The fact that potential talented developers are only the type of freelancers accepted by Toptal makes it a guarantee that any talent hired though Toptal are top-of-the-notch developers. Plus other protections offered to perspective clients like the quality guarantee, low failure rate and zero termination cost makes it one of the most transparent freelancing website. This makes it clear that Toptal focuses on quality not quantity.

I’m happy to join Toptal and I hope if you’re a master of your trade and want to work as a freelancer then you should join Toptal too.
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Checkout out new Video Commercial
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We would like to announce the completion of one of our major projects here in London. It is for an organization called Networking for an Inclusive Community (NIC). You can visit the company website at:

The website includes customized theme design, a resource directory, ability to log meetings and create new workshops.

Networking for an Inclusive Community (NIC) has connections with over 200 organizations and members in Canada.
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Announcing the Launch of

We Are WebKings
Kings of WebDesign

We create experiences that:
• Transform brands
• Grow Businesses
• Make Peoples Dream A Reality
• Drive Sales with Powerful Ideas

We use the latest technologies to build our websites. From HTML5 , CSS3 , JavaScript & Jquery, Our Front-end developers know it all. All of Our Websites are based on Bootstrap & are 100% responsive. Our Back-end Developers Use PHP & MySQL to build the functionality of our websites.

We Create Secure Websites with your vision in mind and with constant communication with you, our client to make sure you're up-to-date with our progress and any requirements you might have

One of Our Main Projects is:
• It is a Fully Integrated Car Auctioning website, where individuals can post their cars for auctioning with a start price and expiry date. Registered users can bid on the item. Once auction expires contact information is exchanged between the auctioneer and the winning bidder. Ability to make Car items featured (appear at top of search results)
• Full email notifications for being outbid, auction expiry, new comment posted and ability to place items on watchlist.
• Fully optimized search engine with the ability to filter results by Main Model, Sub-Model, Year of Make Range, Price Range and Mileage Range.
• Huge Database with over 72,000 entries for cars dating back to year 1936
• These features were custom coded
Currently we are in the process of finalizing another project that we will post here soon.
If you have any project website you would like done visit our website for more information about us and how to contact us
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