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Gregory Wellington
Greek Orthodox Priest and Higher Education Senior Admin in London
Greek Orthodox Priest and Higher Education Senior Admin in London


Has anyone ever managed to find a second hand UT-86 Tone Squelch CTCSS Unit for the Icom 706 Mk2 (not Mk2G which had it)?  I've been trying to get my father who is an M0 formerly G8 callsign a second hand one before old age means he will be doing less with the hobby.  Anyone got any suggestions or pointers?

Hi I am the Head of Student Systems and Data Quality at a UK University. I can only partially use Linux at work but use it exclusively at home - Fedora. Am more an advanced end user than anything else. Glad to have joined the community.

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Right everyone. As a community we have helped fund +Linux Voice can we now pull together and for the tiny sum involved help send #tdtrs to FOSDEM. I am certain that we can get a great podcast out of this and also I can attest to the splendour of +Peter Cannon's insults.
I wonder how many are lining up ready to laugh and point? :-D

Send #tdtrs to +FOSDEM
Day: 33
Days remaining: 12
Raised: £278.00
Outstanding: £422.00
Daily Target: £35.16
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Right. 18 days to go. Almost £80K raised and only £10lk to go.  Come on folks lets make sure +Linux Voice gets funded and if possible exceeds the £90K it needs.  It is going to be a community supporting Linux magazine so worth every penny!
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Does anyone have Fedora 19 running successfully on a Acer Revo RL80 with i3core? I see from Google there are potential graphics issues. Otherwise can anyone suggest an alternative that will run Linux without too much fiddling?

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If you love Linux and haven't gone there already... go to to pledge towards Linux Voice magazine.
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Added photos to Fab 30.
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Passing the journey back to London listening to +Dave Lee and +Caroline Lee presenting Friday's +The Bugcast as a podcast. Great listening.
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Listening to +The Dick Turpin Road Show #tdtrs featuring our very own +Peter Cannon and +Matthew Copperwaite - Episode 49 "Everything's a database" fairly comedy listening this time!
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