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It's been awhile but here's a new blog post. 

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Great article considering poverty from another angle.

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Vulnerability is the process of putting your weapons down. Vulnerability exposes your heart with absolutely no defense. Vulnerability is the ultimate form of humility. 

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This looks pretty sweet!
+Gmail is getting a new inbox on desktop and mobile that uses simple, easy organization to let you see what's new at a glance and decide which emails you want to read and when. More details:

Any Wordpress/PHP experts out there? I'd be willing to pay for some small theme modifications.

Any CSS experts out there? I have a question on making a background image in a sidebar repeat down the page.

"Freedom to sin is only the illusion of freedom. Real freedom is the freedom from sin." - Andrew Farley

Any recommendations for a free, reliable Wordpress plugin for site backups?
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