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Getting pretty tired of #appengine outages lately...
Is it me or is app engine down?

this load for you?
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#appengine: What goes around comes around....

After a long time, times out and throws an error - how much do you want to bet it's a DeadlineExceededException (
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#appengine still having problems with DeadlineExceededExceptions! We STILL aren't hearing anything from the #google people...

Talked about extensively here:!topic/google-appengine/DrTumjwAJ0Q

Nothing in that thread is working:
Switching to HRD -> NOTHING - no change
Waiting for the "update" (term used VERY loosely) last Monday -> NOTHING - no change

We are still getting horrible latency on most our requests - plus, since instances are getting started/stopped so frequently, our billing has gone through the roof. We are paying 4-5x as much as prior to the problem.

BTW - this problem has been going on since March 8th, 2012 (oddly enough that corresponds to another "update" that was made). It seems to affect both HRD and M/S datastores (and even those, like us, that don't use a datastore at all). TONS of people are seeing the problem, and still no response from Google that there even is a problem.
If you use Google AppEngine and think its' working, I would advise you to log in to your console and make probably isn't.

In addition, I'd love to post graphs of how things looked prior to the problem, and how they are looking now - but at some point, GOOGLE LOST ALL MY HISTORICAL DATA:

However, here are 4 days (the stuff that didn't get lost) of my latency graph: - prior to March 8th, we were hanging around 1500-2000 ms/request - it never spiked above 2500.

Oh - and if you thought that the status reports at show anything, think again...everything is just peachy according to those reports (which I now no longer trust)

The funny thing too is that lately, I've been getting similar errors from my #gtalk client...DeadlineExceeded :)
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