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The best Spotify ad muter for OS X
The best Spotify ad muter for OS X

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Hey guys,
One of our awesome users has completely rewritten Spotifree as a native menubar app! It's much more efficient, stable and finally has an interface :)
Please get it here:
If you know someone who uses Spotifree too — go to their house and force them to update :D

Another big stability update today! The app should not fail on Spotify updates anymore. Get the new version today:

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Got a huge update today! 
Shouldn't break after Spotify updates now, and general stability should improve too.
The update is already on the website.

My website is down right now, as I'm struggling to set up the Google PageSpeed Service. Should be back up in a matter of hours.

The website is back, and it's faster then ever. Not that it was slow before :)

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Today I updated Spotifree to solve a couple of bugs introduced in the previous update. Do not forget to get your update :)
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