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Claudio Alejandro Mufarrege
Works at Amateur photographer. Techno entusiast. Manager at a Scania Trucks Dealer. Husband & teenager's father. Editor of "The Image-i-nation Daily" :
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Amateur photographer. Techno entusiast. Manager at a Scania Trucks Dealer. Husband & teenager's father. Editor of "The Image-i-nation Daily" :
  • Amateur photographer. Techno entusiast. Manager at a Scania Trucks Dealer. Husband & teenager's father. Editor of "The Image-i-nation Daily" :
  • My interests are (and I publish about) : Photography Visual Arts Arts, History, Literature, Poetry Science Technology Autosports Space Life . So, I'm involved in Public Circles Project
Amateur photographer.Techno entusiast.Manager at a Scania Trucks Dealer.Husband & teenager's father. Editor of "The Image-i-nation Daily" :
My interests are (and I publish about) :
  • Photography
  • Visual Arts
  • Arts, History, Literature, Poetry
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Autosports
  • Space
  • Life

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Public Circles Project

I could name about 100+ people who inspire me. It's just too many, so I'm going to do something slightly different here.

I've decided to dedicate this section to my friends who are new here, their following is low, and I want to give them exposure. This means that I will change the names from time to time.

Here come the latest :

Photography / Visual Arts

+Tommy Ingberg He works predominantly with black and white, surrealistic photo montages.

+Brad Goldpaint  Specializing in astrophotography ranging from fine art imagery to time-lapse videos of the Milky Way.


+Jonathan Langdale will amaze you writing and discussing about theoretical physics, programming languages, philosophy, logic.

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I (also) participate in the +G+ membership

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Sixteen Random Things About Me:

1. I'm male, Capricorn, so I am a goat:)
2. I look like a serious person ... but I am not.
3. I am the husband of Carolina for almost 23 years, father of Rebecca for 16 years, godfather of two, the uncle of 10, the brother of 3, the brother-in-law of 19, son of Elsa and Elias for 46 years ...between other things.
4. Married and happy ...! Carolina I love you !!!!!
5. I am crazy about reading
6. I am crazy about reading science fiction
7. I am crazy
8. I love my dogs, even though I scratch around the car ...two dogs.
9. I hate stupidity, lies and liars.
10. I love the moonlight, the sea, and Santa Fe, Argentina (my hometown)
11. I am a bit manic about order, cleanliness and timetables. I do not like to sort my things, I do not like cleaning. Whenever I come to time ... always.
12. I enjoy the solitude. Not the crowded places.
13. I'm very curious, loving, responsible, anxious, quiet, partner, friend, lover.
14. I like to drive my car. In another life I was a F1 and WRC champion :)
15. I hate stubborn people, I'm stubborn in that! :)
16. I love life!

Bragging rights
*Nothing shows a man's character more than what he laughs at.* Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Basic Information
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