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I don’t seem to be able to figure out how to use “Gumby-fixed” correctly. I’m trying to fix/pin a nav element to “top” but the element gets “fixed” before the top of the browser window reaches the nav element. It appears this is something to do with the slider as the point at which the nav element gets “fixed” equates to the height of the slider image. Is there a Gumby-update rule that I can use. If so, how? I've tried a bunch of different methods and read the documentation but haven’t come up with a solution.

Skip Links issue


I'm using the latest Gumby (downloaded today). For some reason skip links don't jump to the target but jump a few hundred pixels higher. If I use an older js folder, they jump to the correct target. However, with the older js folder, I can't use gumby-fixed="top". I guess the older version didn't support gumby-fixed="top"

The example is on my localhost so can't post a link. Any ideas what might cause this?


Who's got the best solution for vertically centering paragraphs of text in a Gumby column when the column to the left contains an image greater in height than the paragraph text ?

There are tricks when the height is specified but I'm looking for a solution when no height is specified. Perhaps make the parent display: table and the column display: table-cell ??

I love the #Fonts on Gumby but some clients want smaller header fonts than the default Golden Ratio served up by the Gumby customizer.

I tried experimenting but didn't get good results. Changing from anything other than Golden Ratio, messes up the drop-down subnav menu items, the hover state color size on the menu bar, the form fields and buttons.

Also, what is the "Important #" parameter in the typography section of the Gumby customizer?


I noticed that menu items can extend past the row element, breaking the design. Typically, the behavior of other menus I have used is to wrap items on the next line if there's insufficient room.

I’m using gumby.css files generated by the customizer on the Gumby site. The navbar list items have a table-cell display value:
navbar ul li {display: table-cell;}

I want to keep gumby.css download file unchanged as I'm not using sass, so I changed the display value to inline-block in the local style sheet. Is there some reason for using the table-cell value?

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I'm having an issue with the mobile nav on sub menus. I have the mobile menu working or several sites but I'm working on a new site and downloaded the latest Gumby with a larger max-width. For some reason, the mobile sub-navs do not work. There are no errors in the console. So, I can break a working theme by downloading the latest version of Gumby with the same parameters and copying the css and js files to the old theme. I reversed this process, file by file, and it seems that gumby.css is the issue. How can I investigate this. An example could be found here:

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Just completed a WordPress theme with Gumby. T'was great fun working with the Framework. The theme has Flexslider 2 built in and is #Woocommerce  enabled. Anybody else used #Gumby for a WordPress theme? I saw Tunbosun's

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