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Liam Thomas Huskercat
You have found the home of The Huskercat!
You have found the home of The Huskercat!

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Kira, Me --> Paris France!!
Hello from Paris, France!!  That's right, Kira took me to Paris which is in a foreign country called France. Our picture was taken by a river.  For those of you who are not as worldly as Kira and me, I provide the following travel info. Paris is known for t...

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Most Cool Friends Ever!!
We get a lot of people traffic around this place due to my popularity as the Huskercat, but it don't get any better than this!  I have friends who travel from all over the country and from some places that are technically considered other countries - like F...

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New Physics research prove cats are very smart!!
We've all heard them ... Schrodinger's cat jokes. Schrodinger's cat walks into a bar.  And doesn't. I know - pretty darn funny!! What I have here is big news about cats and quantum theory (not the simple physics theory as illustrated in the following image)...

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What's in a Dog Brain??
Ok, I know what you're thinking.  There's not a punch line.  Some so-called canine neuroscientists (scientists who study dogs ... not the other way) tricked some stupid dogs into getting strapped down and then ran them through a brain scanner.  I know, I kn...

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Post-Thanksgiving Visitors: Steph & Jessica - my two sexy new friends!!
OMG!! My owner (not the pretty one) told me a couple friends were coming over because it was Black Friday. I had to ask myself "Why? Why? Would he invite over people who were celebrating some kind of racist holiday??" Aren't we above that? And why does he h...

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Catting around! Me & Briana go clubbing!
Briana came over this weekend and spent some time hangin' with my owners. I hadn't seen her over at my place before, but let's face it ... pink hair gets your attention!! There was alot happening during the day, but later Bri took me out clubbing.  FYI, Bri...

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stupid dog butt dials the cops!
Headline: Dumb dog does heavy breathing number with police . Headline: Dim-witted dog causes trouble by scratching owners phone instead of her butt . When a dog is this stupid, I thought I'd suggest a couple more precise headlines. I don't mean to criticize...

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It's Vegas, Baby!!
Things have been a snoozefest around here lately.  So when I saw on Facebook that my Vegas buddies were in Anaheim, for some reason, and my brain went WTF?? Why aren't they here visiting me?? It turns out they did attempt to get me but my media guy wasn't o...

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What happened to my giant water bowl???H
I have a 18,000 gallon water bowl in the back yard.  I'll be the first to admit that it's larger than I need, but that's how I roll. But odd things happened today. This is my story.  Here I am keeping watch on a plastic bag that tried to escape the back yar...

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Cat Head Shots!
No big news here. I was just minding my own business surveying the front yard one Sunday morning and all of a sudden I got a camera in my face! There's no way to know how many lizards and birds walked by the window and were spared the punishing treatment fo...
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