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Michael Ward
I'm an IT professional, website designer, blogger, and an indie game designer.
I'm an IT professional, website designer, blogger, and an indie game designer.

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Earlier I posted on Twitter big things were coming including an app. Let's make that two and post a teaser of some of the files...
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Here's your bedtime story, kids: The ABCs of #DnD  

A's for aarakocra, its some type of bird. A forgettable beast whose name is absurd. 
B is for bugbear, but they go under G. Because they are cousins to goblins you see? 
C is for chuul, a big lizardy crab. Like many 3 E beasts, its attacks let it grab. 
D's for displacer, a six legged cat; with tentacled shoulders, now how about that? 
E is for elf, like high elfs and drow; and sea elfs and wood elfs, ad nauseum they go. 

(Now some will say drow rhymes with prow and not snow; if they send me an e-mail, I'll tell THEM where to go. 
F is for fiendish, by themselves they're not foes; but templatey things to make devil rhinos. 
G is for gorgon, not the one Perseus fooled. This one's a big smelly bad-breathy bull. 
H is for harpy, they're dirty bird bitties. In the early editions, you could see their bare... talons. 
I is for stalker, the inivisble kind. And that joke with its picture has run out its time. 
J's for jackalwere, not with werecreatures found. 'Cause this beast turns to people, not the other way round. 
K is for krenshar, now we're getting obscure, a nasty dog monster whose skin's not secured. 
L gives us locathah, try pronouncing that mess, I don't know what they are, I have to confess. 
M's for medusa, whose gaze petrifies. She's not quite as cool since they nerfed save-or-dies. 
N is for nymph, who wore not a stitch; A sexy fae lady who was kind of a ... pain. 
For O we have otyugh, who thinks trash is a feast. Just like on the Flintstones, an appliance-type beast. 
For P, purple worm. When a PC's ingested; he can fight from inside, 'till he gets digested. 
For Q we have quori, Eberronian fiends. Psychical terrors who attack in your dreams. 
R is for rust, and the monsters that eat it. Seeing this bug makes the fighter yell "s*t! 
For S the sea-dwealling, mantoid sahuagin; When they come across sea elves, the elves say "not you again!" 

(If you think that last rhyme might have been kind of flat, I invite you to try and do better than that.) 
Now on to T, and the troll and his kin; and the fights that they start about metagamin' 
For U we've got umber hulk, an insectoid savage. If he catches your gaze, your brain will get damaged. 
At V comes the vargouille, with a flap and hiss. This severed head monster wants to give you a kiss. 
W is for wyvern, a poisonous drake; a strange mix of dragon and scorpion and snake. 

X is for xorn, the rocky and craggy; the only known monster with trifold symmetry. 

Y's for yellow mold, on dungeon walls spattered; not really a monster, just a big choking hazard. 

And Z is for zaratan, few get bigger than this; no person's an island, but this turtle sure is. 
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It's been a long while since I was last on here. I've been busy, but I am about to start generating a small backlog of blog posts for the relaunch of my blog,  as well as working on at least two shows for Hacker Public Radio.
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Can you guys help me out? I am needing to find a plane and an airport for FS9. The plane is a Cessna 185 "Skywagon" with floats, and the airport is KECP. I'm not having any luck, with any searches. Y'all know of any, preferably freeware?

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Originally shared by ****
: Ludum Dare #21 is coming!

If you're a past, present, or future participant in this amazing game jam, would you kindly add your voice below so that anyone who's interested can Circle you up?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

So far we have:
[edit] A ton of people! Was originally trying to compile all of the names up top here for easy access, but apparently G+ caps the number of tagged folks and starts bugging out =/ It will be nice when we can simply share Circles!
Ludum Dare - Home
Ludum Dare - Home
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