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New Basement Jaxx song is class!!!!!!!

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If there's anyone out there, we're trying to promote a website here in work. It'd be a huge boon if people could please add the following to their circles:

Thanks guys!

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So Twitters down....

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Great post hangout from the Chrome Dev team. Thanks guys!
+Paul Irish, +Eric Bidelman, +Boris Smus from the Chrome Developer Relations team discuss the latest happenings in HTML5 and take questions on the air in episode 4 of #HTML5RocksLive . In this episode, the gang tackles questions about Web video, ARIA support, Google Closure, using the Chrome Canary vs. the stable channel, how the standards process works, using the History API, and lots more.

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Sergey Brin responds to coverage of his ideas on a Free Web and clarifies his stance.
I believe the internet has been one of the greatest forces for good in the world over the past quarter century. So when the Guardian requested that I speak to them over the past few months about internet freedom, I decided it was important to participate.

I think the article is a pretty good read but is a short summary of a long discussion. My thoughts got particularly distorted in the secondary coverage in a way that distracts from my central tenets so I think they are worth clarifying here.

(see article:

Today, the primary threat by far to internet freedom is government filtering of political dissent. This has been far more effective than I ever imagined possible across a number of nations. In addition, other countries such as the US have come close to adopting very similar techniques in order to combat piracy and other vices. I believe these efforts have been misguided and dangerous.

Lastly in the interview came the subject of digital ecosystems that are not as open as the web itself and I think this portion has led to some misunderstanding of my views. So to clarify, I certainly do not think this issue is on a par with government based censorship. Moreover, I have much admiration for two of the companies we discussed -- Apple and Facebook. I have always admired Apple’s products. In fact, I am writing this post on an Imac and using an Apple keyboard I have cherished for the past seven years. Likewise, Facebook has helped to connect hundreds of millions of people, has been a key tool for political expression and has been instrumental to the Arab Spring. Both have made key contributions to the free flow of information around the world.

So what was my concern and what about Google for that matter?
I became an entrepreneur during the 90’s, the boom time of what you might now call Web 1.0. Yahoo created a directory of all the sites they could find without asking anyone for permission. Ebay quickly became the largest auction company in the world without having to pay a portion of revenue to any ISP. Paypal became the most successful payment company and Amazon soared in e-commerce also without such tolls or any particular company’s permission.

Today, starting such a service would entail navigating a number of new tollbooths and gatekeepers. If you are interested in this issue I recommend you read by +Jonathan Zittrain. While openness is a core value at Google, there are a number of areas where we can improve too (as the book outlines).

But regardless of how you feel about digital ecosystems or about Google, please do not take the free and open internet for granted from government intervention. To the extent that free flow of information threatens the powerful, those in power will seek to suppress it.

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Loving all the Google+ whitespace piss takes that people are putting up: especially the one with the beer bottle!

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Millenium Falcon school!!!!
HOLY CRAP!!! This satellite view of Parkland High School on +Google Maps looks just like the Millenium Falcon!

Proof: Parkland High School, North Cedar Crest Boulevard, Allentown, PA
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