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Mitä tarkoitamme sukupuolella ja miten se määräytyikään?
Sukupuoli-käsite on ongelmallinen
kaikessa keskustelussa, koska se voi tarkoittaa niin monta eri asiaa. Englannin
kielessä asia on hieman parempi, koska siellä on oma sanansa biologiselle
sukupuolelle (sex) ja kulttuurilliselle sukupuolelle ja sukupuolikoke...
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Nimilaki uusiksi, normitalkoot hakoteillä…?
Tänä syksynä olen keskittänyt toimiani nimilain
päivittämiseen vaikuttamiseen. Laki on osa hallituksen ”normitalkoita”, joissa
on tarkoitus vähentää turhaa byrokratiaa. Lain valmisteludokumentit kuitenkin
sisältävät juuri turhaa byrokratiaa, kun vanhoja vir...
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The Total Saimaa Tour
This summer really seems to go on with hand break on... There have been
so few warm days and there has been rain in so many days, either constantly or
in shorter intervals. Anyway, we had a plan to go round Saimaa , the biggest lake in Finland.  The main re...
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Helsinki Pride 2017, Acting Against Discrimination
For me this
Helsinki Pride was full of political substance. As a representative of
Dreamwear Club I attended numerous political meetings and panels. The first
of this kind was on Tuesday. It was about non discrimination at work places
arranged by employer o...
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June 2017; the global warming cancelled...?
My summer
started in the middle of June. Or only my holiday started, the weather didn’t
seem to agree. There were only some single warm days between periods when the
big turbulence targeted us its northern side with cold winds. So the nature has
been about ...
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Oh my May 2017
In my last
blog I hoped for a warmer spring from now on. It didn’t happen: May 2017 was
one of the coldest as long as I can remember. There were a mixture of sleet
hail, snow and water mostly available. Luckily
some days were warmer, including the Mayday wh...
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Chilly and versatile April 2017
This April
has been full of different things, some somewhat usual and some not. One of the
items of the month is the trans legislation. As I have told before, there are
some severe defects in the current law which regulates the change of official
gender. Th...
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Ihmisten välisen vuorovaikutuksen sukupuolittuminen ja transihmiset
In Finnish this time, an abbreviation in English added... Linkkasin tekstin kohtia Piin mainioihin sarjakuviin, jotka antavat sille toisen tason. Ympäristössämme valllitsevassa cis-heterokulttuurissa ihmisten välinen vuorovaikutus on
koko ajan hyvin voimakk...
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Testing my new bike
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