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Carolyn Durley
fast talking, multi-tasking, teacher of students first and biology second, who has fallen hard for technology
fast talking, multi-tasking, teacher of students first and biology second, who has fallen hard for technology

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You are my hero!! This rocks!

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Form for participating in MOOCON24, due on September 15, 2013

Offer your voice to MOOCON24!

MOOCON24 will feature 24 youth groups from 24 countries to participate in this 24 hour event.  Each session will be moderated but each group will be responsible for the theme and specific content of their session.

Your panel should include:

4 -5 interested and enthusiastic youth who are committed to their topic.
A teacher/adult mentor who is willing to participate in the session and act as the contact person for the group.
An expert or special guest who is willing to contribute to the conversation (but not dominate).
Sessions will

Be conducted in English.
Last 1 hour.
Be live streamed via Google plus.
Session format

Introductions - Moderator

Overview of topic

Input by panel members.

Brainstorm on how to solve, bring attention to, work together to solve the challenge or problem

Call to action, what actions, who will take them up?

Session Considerations

Be prepared to share about your country and community and the challenges you face.

Do you have projects that have been successful to share and spotlight that others could copy and learn from?

Is their some one in the filed that your group in particular would like to talk with or tap into to further your goals?

Get involved by filling out the following form and submitting with a 1 minute video by September 15 ,2013

On October 24, 2013 MOOCON24 will start a global conversation to activate and mobilize student voice.

MOOCON24 is a youth-sourced, virtual-conference, mobilizing student voices on a global scale.

MOOCON24 will be streamed live via Google hangout and feature audience participation.

Hosting will move from school to school, community to community, following the sun in a 24 hour marathon of global coordination tapping into the brightest and best educators and students the world has to offer.

Create dialogue and inspire action to shape the future of education.

Add your voice to MOOCON24!

What:  A Massive Open Online 24 hour Conference centered around youth sourced topics related to educational change.

Where: Live streamed via Google hangout.

Who: Students/youth aged 13-18 with a teacher (adult) mentor and invited special guests.

When: September 24, 2013, 0:00 to 12:59 GMT

How:  Interested groups should fill out the application and submit application on or before June 30 2013.

Why: Create dialogue and inspire action to shape the future of education.


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Well not exclusively digital storytelling, but considering:
Can storytelling and content courses play nice?

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Latest  #etmooc post
Remix of the remix: All mixed up.

Trying to mix it up :) 

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What stuck from yesterday's session?
And wondering are ideas like DNA? Evolving, mutating, and defining of us but not entirely ours?

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Hey #etmooc-ers,
My story so far! I hope #etmooc  will help to expand, amplify and strengthen my ability to tell my story and thereby help me to enable my students to do the same.

Hello  #etmooc  world!
I am a Biology teacher of 21 years. This year I have expanded and am teaching (more like developing with) a Social Media course to a mixed age group at our high school. 
Social media more than any other tool, has been the glue, spark and support network that was enriched my work with students over the last several years.
Looking forward to growing and co-learning with this fabulously diverse community!
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