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Green Abode

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Fantastic Train Deal for UK Families

Those generous people at Family and Friends Railcard are giving you £10 OFF a one-year Railcard. Hurry Offer ends Sunday 22nd February!
£10 OFF Family and Friends Railcard - Hurry Offer Ends Soon

Getting 33% OFF the Family and Friends Railcard (paying £20 instead of £30) is a great way to start saving straight away on rail travel in Britain. Get this deal now ->> You'll have to hurry though as this offer ends Sunday, 22nd February!

Image credit: Flickr - thatkid

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Family and Friends Railcard Discount Code - SAVE 10% (1 Year) & 22% (3 Year)

The Family and Friends Railcard is a real no-brainer for families and groups of friends who travel by train. With 1/3 OFF Adult fares and up to 60% OFF for the kids, there's never been a better way to save money on train travel.

With a Family and Friends Railcard discount code you can get 10% OFF the card itself before you've even travelled! What's can get an even bigger saving of 22% (or £20) if you purchase a three-year Railcard 

Get saving today with this fantastic Family and Friends Railcard discount code :-) 

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Three Months FREE National Trust Membership

It's back in time for Xmas. You can now get three months FREE (25% OFF) National Trust Membership. 

For an individual that works out at just 12p per day for a whole year. For a family of four that's just 20p per day.

For that you get to visit nearly 500 National Trust sites across England, Wales and Northern Ireland! Oh and you'll also get FREE entry to National Trust sites in Scotland.

#nationaltrust   #nationaltrustmembership   #daysout   #britain   #uk   #england   #wales  
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EXTRA 15% OFF Gatwick Express Tickets (till 31 Aug 2014)

Getting Gatwick Express tickets on the day from Gatwick Airport is a rip off. If you get them online, you can save £££s.

For the rest of August 2014 you can get an EXTRA 15% OFF on journeys that are booked up to 12 weeks in advance!

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Green Abode

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Save Money on London and South East England Train Travel!
Get a 1/3 OFF Train Travel if You Live in London and South East England

Network Railcards are real no-brainer if you live in London or South East England. Costing just £30 they can save you £hundreds or £thousands (if you're a frequent train traveller) as you get 1/3 OFF off-peak travel in the London and South East England area.

Don't get ripped off and start saving money today :-)

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Green Abode

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25% OFF National Trust Membership - Hurry Ends in 4 Hours!
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Cheap Train Tickets for Students

There's plenty of cheap train tickets in Britain for students Unfortunately for most people they're kept hidden, however, we've uncovered them so you can see that there's massive £££ savings.

For starters there's the Student Railcard which gives you 1/3 OFF most train journeys in Britain across all train networks. The Student Railcard is a must-have..period.

There's also train network special discounted student deals, such as:

- 50% OFF on the TransPennine Express network
- 34% OFF London travel with a combined Student Railcard + Student Oyster Card
- 10% OFF (44% OFF with a Student Railcard) on the CrossCountry and Grand Central networks
- Southern Unizone discounts in Brighton and Worthing 

So what are you waiting for..grab yourself a bargain now :-)

Image credit: Flickr francisco_osorio 

#thetrainhacker   #cheaptrainticketsforstudents   #studentdiscounts   #uk   #britain   #cheaptraintickets   #studentlife   #studenttravel   #studenttips   #moneysavingtips   #moneysavingdeals   #traintravel   #greenabode   #traindeals   #traintickets  
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Eurostar Sale - £59 Return from the UK to Paris, Lille, Calais and Brussels

Start the new year off with a train trip to "The Continent" for only £59 return to Paris, Lille, Calais and Brussels For great days out or a short break you can't go wrong :-)

#thetrainhacker   #eurostar   #eurostarsale   #traindeals   #traintravel   #paris   #lille   #brussels   #calais   #traintrip   #traintravelling  
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National Trust Gift Membership - Christmas Present That Keeps Giving 365 Days a Year...

...and you can get 25% OFF (Three Months FREE) Online Exclusive Discount on National Trust Gift Memberships

Show your loved ones how much they mean to you year round with this fantastic present. There's 500 places to explore in the UK and as a National Trust member you get FREE entry to all of them.

Plus, get a FREE Great Houses of the National Trust’ book, packed full of Britain’s most beautiful treasures, it’s a delightful present in itself.

#greenabode   #nationaltrust   #nt   #cybermondaydeals   #christmasgifts   #daysoutinengland   #daysoutuk  
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10% OFF Senior Railcard Discount Code

If you're over 60 and travel by train  in Britain just a few times throughout the year, getting a Senior Railcard is a real no-brainer. With savings of 1/3 OFF train tickets it can literally pay for itself in one long distance journey.

What's more you can now get 10% OFF one-year Railcards with this great deal in 2014. Hurry though as it ends August 2014!

To get even bigger savings you may want to get a three-year Railcard where you can get 22% OFF compared to buying three separate Senior Railcards over the same period.

For days out on the train and visiting family you can't beat Railcards in Britain which give you a whopping 1/3 OFF train travel.

Why not get a further savings on the Senior Railcard with this promotional deal?

#seniorrailcard   #railcards   #savemoney   #moneysaving   #cheaptraintickets   #traintickets   #uk   #britain   #thetrainhacker   #trainhacks  
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Save Money on East Midlands Trains 

Saving money on train travel is easy when you know where to find the best deals.

Did you know that you can get an extra £2 OFF Return and £1 OFF Single, Anytime tickets when you travel on the East Midlands Trains network? With no booking fees or credit/debit card charges this is a fantastic deal.

Get saving now :-)

#greenabode   #eastmidlandtrains   #emt   #savemoney   #traintravel   #uktrains   #thetrainhacker   #train   #travel   #rail   #uk  
Image credit:
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Green Abode

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Woop Woop! Amazing FREE Deal!

Railcards are so handy for saving money on train journeys. Get a Family and Friends Railcard FREE for two months!
FREE (for Two Months) Family and Friends Railcard Deal

If you live in Britain and travel by train with kids, getting a Family and Friends Railcard is a no brainer. You get 30% OFF Adult prices and 60% OFF Child prices.

What's more..until 21st May you can get a FREE Family and Friends Railcard for two months in June and July. Hurry as the promotion runs out in a week!

#chrispking   #thetrainhacker   #travelhacks   #travelhacking   #trainhacks   #cheaptraintickets   #uktravel   #traintravel   #railtravel   #railcards   #familyandfriendsrailcard  
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'Green Ways to Save Money' at Home and On The Move
Green Abode - 'Green Ways to Save Money' at Home and On The Move 

Green Travel, Green Energy & Energy Saving

Green Abode offers money saving advice that protects the environment as well as your wallet. Like you, we believe that you can have the best of both worlds. Sustainable living doesn't need to cost the earth, but it might do if we don't take more care about the environment.

We're just like you and want to take a common sense approach to 'going green'.

Green Travel - Train travel in the UK has loads of cheap tickets where you can save money. Similarly, if you're making a few trips European rail travel is often cheaper if you buy an InterRail pass. If you can't afford the train, then take one of the many coach deals in the UK as it's by far the cheapest way to travel.

We'll also be brining bargains from cycling with voucher codes and also offers on electric bikes. If you can't get away from the motor just yet, then why not check out the latest incentives for electric cars, join a car club or learn how to drive more eco-friendly.

We'll also be hunting down bargains for you with green days out and events throughout the UK. And, we'll also find some great deals on eco holidays.

Green Energy - let's face it is a no-brainer. You don't have to get involved in all the political mumbo jumbo to know that using nature to generate renewable energy make sense. Let's face it who wouldn't want to protect themselves from soaring energy prices with microgeneration, such as solar pv, solar thermal and wind power. 

Or, even use the latest solar products and eco gadgets to power up mobile phones, your shed, caravan, security lights or yacht (if you're luck enough to own one). 

With incentives, renewable energy grants, the feed-in-tariff, renewable heat incentive and more..there's plenty of opportunities to make some cash and keep your energy bills down.  

Energy Saving - home insulation is key to saving money but if you can't get loft or cavity can draught proof or even put in secondary glazing. We'll also keep you up to date with the UK Green Deal launching in 2012.

We all want to stop getting ripped off by energy suppliers, so why not look into an energy monitoring or smart meter to measure your usage.

These days you can get modern energy saving products which will also keep the bills we'll be keeping you up to date with the latest deals. If nothing else our energy saving tips will keep your costs down.

If you don't use your loaf you'll get ripped off but that's where Green Abode steps in and finds you the best deals, voucher codes, promotions and offers.

We've also got a blog where you can keep in touch with stories from our partner and us.

Look forward to seeing you at Green Abode :-)