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So I think its about time I gave you lovely people and update, after all it has been nearly three months since I last posted anything. Firstly, I'm very pleased to announce that after three years of hard work, I have graduated from the University of South W...

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As well as building the sets the set design students also offered to make a few of the larger props for me. Unfortunately I was unhappy with the standard of prop that they produced and ended up constructing the majority of them myself in a very limited time...

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Interiour Sets
I think the interior set is where the majority of hiccups happened. After the initial mock up models were completed and tweaked to my liking, construction of the set began. Unfortunately I was unable to visit and comment on the building of this set as much ...

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Exteriour Set
 Here's the
obligatory apology for not posting for so long. I'm very sorry, don't be
angry with me. I've been very busy making a film! I was very
lucky this year to have my sets made for my by some set design student
from my university. We worked collab...

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Ultimate Image
Well here it is!  This is probably the most amount of faffing I've ever done with Photoshop to make an image look 'pretty'. Considering I know very little about the program I don't think it turned out half bad.

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Company Research - Part 5 - Blinkink
Blinkink are a production company based in Soho, London. They create
innovative and unique commercials, short films and music videos which combine
various mediums including animation  live action. Some of their most
recent work include: 'Barry the Biscuit' ...

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Company Research - Part 4 - LAIKA
  Despite the fact that LAIKA are relatively new to the stop motion film making they've quickly shot up the ranks and have become the leading innovators in stop motion technology. LAIKA initially started making films using CG their first film, a short, bein...

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Company Research - Part 3 - Aardman
Well of course Aardman had to make an appearance in these research posts at some point. Its very likely that characters such as Morph and Wallace and Gromit were my first introduction to claymation and stop motion animation, though as a child I'd never had ...

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Company Research - Part 2 - Makinnon and Saunders
& Saunders are one of the world’s leading puppet making companies specializing
in the design and construction of characters for television shows, feature
films and commercials. What I like
about Mackinnon and Saunders is that they are teaming up w...

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Company Research - Part 1 - Trampires Ltd
The first company I want to talk about is Trampires Ltd! Trampires Ltd is a product of Immortal Pictures Ltd a BAFTA award winning stop motion
animation company based in the UK, headed by Director & Producer Mike Mort.
Having worked mainly in the world of c...
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