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"Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in times to come."
"Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in times to come."

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Growing in His Grace
This morning I was led back to Him. I'm learning to return back to Him and to run towards Him ferociously. I've learnt that I can barely do a day without Him and while dependence on someone is not encouraged, dependence on Him is not a weakness but somethin...

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Knowing Your Worth
I typed out the title of this blog post without knowing whether or not I knew my own worth. Sometimes we find our worth in things, vanity, relationships, friendships, our hobbies and our interests. For me I've tried to find my worth in the way I've looked, ...

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New Banner!

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TRAVEL: Escape and Pray - getting there
On the 17th of June I woke up at 4am, now normally I would
protest to waking up this early in the day especially as I made the choice of
going to sleep at 1am a few hours before but today I was waking up to embark on
an unknown journey and I was so ready. S...

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TRAVEL: A few date Ideas for Summer!
Summer is officially here and although if you had told me that I would be in a relationship the summer after second year I would've been like "yeah, right". But here I am, writing a summer date ideas post. I apologise for my absence! If you're stuck for ide...

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Catch the Sunset
I never realised how close freedom was until I asked the Lord for it. I had forgotten what true peace was until He granted me it. I remembered what joy felt like when I entered into His presence. A few days ago Viki, Maddie and I decided to dress up in flor...

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Overcoming Heartbreak
I want to be able to pour out of myself all that I learned in
the times of heartbreak that I have experienced in the past. I think that
heartbreak and getting through heartbreak is such an important thing to talk
about because these experiences, they shape ...

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There are many things in life that have the ability to move you. A child interacting with their mother, bubbles on a warm summer's day, the final setting of the sun as it comes to a close.  Different things move different people.  For me, it is nature, God'...

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LET'S TALK: Get to know me :)
Hello, my name's Rosalind I get called Ros and Rozzie more often and I like that. I had been thinking about what to write in the About Me section of this blog for a while and as awesome as the list of questions that I took from a girly website was, I think ...
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