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Google+ is a +G+ Ghost Town... +1 and Share if You Exist. ( :  
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nice and partially right ! especial - if it boring - post to Linkedin :-) 
Matt Lai
I love how there is a "Don't post it!" opinion. :)
Yup, G+ is a ghost town. Never do I see anyone using this service....I mean it's not like I use G+ every single day like a crack head uses crack.....
Matt for me it is the opposite.. i get a TV interview, 2 articles in press.. because of people i met in G+ To benefit.. u have to be patient.. friending people.. even if y don't know.. and comment plussing post..etc.. than like magic u see u will have a big network...
+1 +William Matar. True, it takes some effort in the beginning but when things start rolling they start rolling.
Wrong. G+ replaces Facebook. As general intelligence increase, you will see that this is true.
Adding to what +William Matar said; add people, add pages, entire featured circles. I added an entire science based circle and it gave me a lot updates on my feed. The difference with Facebook, G+ is, G+ encourages you to converse with everyone, share ideas, and still have have personal conversations with people you know in real life. Facebook  is just filled with people documenting their day to day life. I like to see G+ as a proactive site; somewhere I get on to do stuff now. Google+ is amazing, it's a shame it's not used as often by the mass majority. 
I agree 100% go ahead and post your status elsewhere, I couldn't give a crap about your status. I'm more than happy however to read your content right here on G+
Pretty slow so far...been with it from the beginning...
Evan Lee
I do like it better than fb...a lot less garbage on g+...
I can not understand how it is possible that people are saying Google Plus is "slow" or that no one uses it. What G+ are they using? My G+ is a thriving information orgy of greatness.
Wow.  Way to make an absolutely worthless chart.

Edit:  I don't succumb to Chain Email demands either.  Never have.  Certainly not going to be pressured into it on G+.  I'd rather keep my feed clean than fill it up with this tripe.  

These "+1 and share if you agree" posts are a somewhat worrying trend.
MySpace, Hi5, Facebook, Google+

All in a matter of time. The wheels are just starting to turn.
at google plus i share posts not status ;)

I saw this a few months ago, shared it, and recently posted it on Facebook. At the bottom of the picture it has statistics comparing G+, to FB, and we do have less people; I just like to think we have the better people. I'll be dammed if I have to read a passive aggressive post about how Suzzie's boyfriend cheated on her. (I don't really know a Suzzie.)  So who cares if Google+ isn't thriving like Facebook is, it just means we don't have to deal with that extra garbage Facebook does. 
Evan Lee
I agree, there is a lot that G+ has that is appealing. I deactivated my FB last year. 
Still slow for me, but the only service I actually enjoy using and reading. Been with G+ from the limited invite days.
I like all you people, you all think the same as me!!! Could it be, could it actually be better than anything we have used before. Yes, it's really THAT good.
We're all hardcore google fans! What does it matter?
Wish more people used G+!!!!!
How we can mention Ghost Town.. I see here many many + and comments... again G+ is the future... open ur eyes... I even pay at adwords promoting my g+ profile and new page +Lebanon I now realize a lot of fake in fakebook... many fiends i know have many fake profiles... ok still a king fakebook but soon thanks God a new God will shake him down.
Why did the flow to G + ended early...Google Plus, still a winner!
That's funny. Maybe Myspace could be added under "Is it spam that no one wants to see?"
All these people saying and hoping that Google+ will overthrow Facebook. You realise that if Facebook shut down today and everyone migrated over to G+ that G+ would then be exactly the same as Facebook and you would hate it as much as you hate Facebook now? Why are you wishing for that to happen?
Sarcasm, right? I've been here six months and I've got a nice group of followers and followees! No Farmville invites, either. ;-)
Don't mind me....I'm just wandering the social networks aimlessly, stuck between one life and the next, passing time on G+. 
Nice ghosts then! People on G+ are much better than the FB population 
+Dave Madden Would be nice if some of my intended audience of friends and family on Facebook would at least try and interact a little. They all just say, everyone is on Facebook. Narrow minded BS, but meh what can I do. But regardless, G+ just fosters better shared information with an all round better system. I just won't follow the farmvillers. I hate Facebook cos it's just an ugly sucky system with crappy privacy policies, run by a frat boy douche who doesn't inspire me at all. Sergey and Larry are scientists who come from scientists. They inspire me and G+ supports that inspiration
There may be 250 million registered for G+ but they do not have 250 million regular users. With all the Android phones basically forcing people to have a Google account it's no wonder they have an insane number of registered users. It's too bad people create that account to organize contacts and get email but still turn to their Facebook app when it comes time for sharing their pictures. Of course sharing them on FB means hundreds of friends and acquaintances see them where G+ only a handful may see them.... Still I wish G+ would take off because I do feel it integrates with my phone better and is easier to use. 
You know, G+ already have more "active" users in its short existence than FB at the time. Of course social networks are more popular nowadays than when FB was created. But look at FB today, it's for friends, family and still see the holiday pictures of these guys we don't communicate with. Most of my FB feed is junk. On G+ on the other hand I constantly find interesting content I want to react to. FB has the numbers but G+ has a more interesting population (to me) and this will pay in the long term as FB will drive more fatigue. 
What I am doing lately is publicly posting then getting the direct link for that post (can't do that on Facebook BTW) and then posting that link on Facebook. Facebook previews the post linking it back to G+
Haha thats perfect. Wish G+ could get more people on board.
so far +CIRCLES @ have got 257(+1) and 125 shares, just intentionally making wrong comment about G+. Nice trick by the way :-)
More importantly, WHY do you want to post your status? No one over the age of 18 really cares.
Funny. Pretty sure I interact with people and posts more on G+ than any other social network. 
The same rule applies to every social networking site: If your feed is full of stupid, boring status updates it is not the website's fault, it is because you have stupid, boring friends.
Is It Boring? ->LinkedIn - now thats funny.
Fact is, FaceBook ruins your life.
You know your life is ruined when you say; "That looks shopped!" every few minutes.
For the majority of people there is no reason to come here. facebook has everything they need and they don't care about the layout/privacy settings/general facebook evilness. It doesn't bother them, so why change?
I left Facebook when they openly supported CISPA. I won't lie and say I haven't missed anything about it, but i would certainly miss g+ more if I had to leave it for some reason.

Also smaller is better when it comes to stuff like this.
Jac Liu
Im really tired of Facebook, only twitter and G+ now
+Dave Madden 

More likely, Google+ won't get worse, Facebook will improve their usability. We've already seen this.

Many feel, however that given its dominance Facebook and Honey Badger just don't care.
+Dave Madden Most people I know have not changed.  I, for one, do care about the general evilness of FB, but I am also here since there is always something interesting to read in my Feed.  I am not really in to cat pics or your farm update!

That said, you were correct in your previous post: content depends on the people with whom we interact.  As more people migrate to G+, it may get dumbed-down.  Recently, I have seen a lot of "Inspirational" posts and ridiculous "quotes" becoming Hot.
Do you value your passwords ? No ? > Linkedin
Jac Liu
facebook is kinda  annoying now, and I like G+ UI better. 
I haven't posted anything to Facebook for years, I don't care what people are having for lunch or any other status update. I like G+ as way to share posts without the rest of the junk. If I want to play a game I'll use my PS3, laptop or Galaxy Nexus.
I'm kinda glad none of my friends and family are on G+.. Gives me a lot more freedom of expression and time to discuss things that matter, rather than filtering through junk bizarre updates of fb friends I wouldn't wanna meet in real life .. Google Plus gives me the choice to interact with experts about particular subjects of interest in a casual way. Nothing beats that. Go Google+++++ ! 
Sam Sun
So I guess you weren't expecting 500+ people to see this post? haha ;-P
G+ is best for finding good links not rubbish,well depends who is in your circles, I don't put status updates on g+ now that's what tweets are for Facebook is dead to much rubbish gets threw to your stream 4square is ok.
+Dave Madden Thanks for the tip. Didn't know that. Clearly a win for intuitiveness of G+. I instantly found the direct link. Not as simple on FB. But reading what some of you are saying. Yes maybe I don't want all my friends on here. But damnit the ones who would love this system, I want them to at least try.
Funny post, interestingly G+ is the place where I find the best content while my Facebook home page sucks big time is always full of s***t and requests for stupid stuff....(I don't mean to offend anybody) :-)
Pretty busy this ghost town. There are some idiots that don't have their friends on G+ and never bother to follow interesting people so they say it is a ghost town. These people are rather ghosts and should go back to their MySpace
Deleted FB. Finding G+ more functional for me from sharing thoughts, pictures, videos and just loving events and hangouts. Go Google+
loving how G+ is a post-facebook audience. mature and willing to accept the next platform. 
My facebook page is also filled with crap and nonsense while my g + seems to be alot more active and not retarted.
+Dave Madden +1 to your post! More people will come and so will the trolls and lame content. I think for most that have FB and try G+ they are bewildered by the interface. FB set the de-facto standard and most are scared to leave their FB bubbles and do something different. I never having a FB account jumped on G+ early, so this is my de-facto standard.
I'm starting to notice that sometimes my friends project their frustrations with Facebook onto Google+ when I suggest they switch.

Anybody else experience this?
Just like +Michael Houston .  Five minutes ago I didn't know he existed, now we're best friends.  ;-)  Actually I have gotten to know a lot of people on G+.  I still say Facebook and G+ are two different things.  Fb is your private walled garden for your close friends and family.  G+ is the giant flea market/rave party/pool party/geek gathering to meet new people.
Ironic that this showed up in my feed under the "What's Hot On Google+".
I don't think that any social platform is any better than another. I do believe that they just help you to reach different types/groups of people. When you are working these platforms right they can all be a benefit to the user. I personally use FB, G+, and Twitter as social branding tools to brand myself and get my name out there. The more people I reach the more my businesses will grow. What are each of you using them for? To each his own...
That's a great run down of the status scene available. I like the boss scenario.
I guess G+ deserves a little more respect.
Exist?  I am a pigment of your imagination.
Total BS. I have replaced FB and Twitter with G+ and all I am missing are stupid status updates
Its funny how this was posted on G+ and currently has 793 +1s and 143 comments... But i guess no one actually saw it.
I agree the content may determine where to post, but advocate use of multiple sites / apps / platforms including G+
Im suprised no swastikas formed accidentally in thos flow chart.
I like it better, less BS less ads, less game joining, questions answering, crop raising and like me BS
So ..
wait for the time its coming...
\its under polishing work...
Is it ironic that this is being posted here and its trending...
Totally disagree.  It almost reads like a paid Facebook add.
pretty simple fact: g+ for what is worth, facebook for what isn't.
And yet there are still +1's and comments ...
I got a lot of information here on G+. I only started using this since last 3 days and it ia more fun here.
On Facebook and Twitter, you are a grain of salt in the Pacific ocean. Enjoy G+ before it gets really big.
Facebook is full of crap i just made the move to g+ and liking it alot more.
I think of FB more as a Social Media fast food and Google+ is more akin to fine dining.
Google + is just better in my view.  Facebook is so cluttered and full of security and privacy issues.  At least Google is working on taking care of those problems from the beginning.  I am a member of both, but Google + is my favorite hands down.
so you posted this photo to a place where you don't want anyone to "actually" see it? hmmm
Probably that's why I am starting to read g+ more and more, there is actually all this geeky cool stuff here, and no annoying self promotion crap you see everything else, looks like g+ is finally cool.
G+ communities are nice. Kind of a mix between a tweet an facebook. I call it a facetweet :-)
A thoughtful analysis.  I concur. Tweet it if you want anyone to see it.
To those WHO believe in the ghost town theory, then, what are You doing here? The answer is : because you also were attracted by G+.
To those who live G+ like me, this is an intelligent application for intelligent people who wants more than a log of silly things like, what you had for lunch or what color are your nails or how many drinks you had.
I rest my case.
173 coments means probably more than 173 people have seen this picture on google plus therefore rendering the diagram wrong ans so defeating its purpose ..........................g+ ftw
I think +Christine Gietzen offered a good take on this. Each social media conduit has strengths and weaknesses. While I despise Twitter, I also recognize the reach/impact it has. 
Sure Google+ is such a ghost town that I couldn't found a post like this one in any other place. Because nobody writes on G+
Gotta remember google+ is a new service though. I feel facebook has had its day now. Google+ just seems a little unique. I like it. It just need the right advertisement. Also market is on the up. Google have a nice ability to push +google
All are good at their own place but i am using facebook alot and me feeling comfortable.
The chart is so wrong! What a waste of effort
If G+ is a ghost town, at least, there are lots of interesting ghosts sharing thoughts and information... It seems more interesting than other "crowded" towns out there.
Then how the hell have you got +1170?
google+ is not a place where you say good morning and expect other to say it back!
One does not simply shares "what i had for breakfast" on G+
Anyone that thinks G+ is a ghost town is frankly an idiot.   They have signed up, and sat their waiting for someone to notice them.


Those idiots will continue to fumble though life, following fashions and the crowds, missing out on great stuff.
I think G+ is used more by the intellectual part of the mass. Like artists, scientists, professionals, well educated people and so on...
I like this and google + is good
I could see this be subject to change, if, for example, Google+ would rise in popularity.
G+ is a lot cleaner than fb ... And there is also awesome control in the hand of users on what they see in their stream and whom they share with that too with ease and simplicity.
Actually, some people will say hi back simply because G+ is a nice and respectful community. As far the picture goes though, that would mean that the individual would have to be active in all those social sites and I don't know about you but I only depend on G+. So whether it be a "Goodmorning" post or an article on the latest happenings around the world...I'm posting it. Period.
We are just getting the hang of Google+ but we are liking it !
So the big difference between Facebook and Twitter is "Likes"? Not sure...
My kind of Ghost Town....
Haha, this is actually true!
I find things on G+ to share on Facebook. G+ all the way!
G+ still needs to gain critical mass to be interesting and effective.
i always call this social network as 'plus'....and not g+
If G+ is a ghost town...then there are a lot of ghosts having a good time..
+Conrad Paul G+ already HAS that critical mass. 

Keep in mind that Google defaults posts to only those within your circles, not as public posts. It's a lot like +City of Heroes Freedom. People keep trying to say CoH is dead because there is nobody outside of Atlas Park, there's nobody in Praetoria, and the zones appear heavily empty. 95%+ of CoH's content is delivered through instanced maps, which means that DUHHUHdeprtyderp the zones gonna be all emptylike, here's your sign  

In much the same way, most of G+ activity appears behind closed servers. It is not out in the public for everybody to search and access. So, "DUHUHderpityderp, of course the service will appear empty to a competitor that has no concept of privacy, here's your sign*  

The point is this: From a raw figure standpoint G+ has already crushed Facebook in terms of total-users-to-amount-of-time-service-has-been-available. 

G+ also has a better shot at monetizing it's social graph since Google can apply their /search algorthims and KDE-like product linkage to the social graph. E.g. Set an event or hangout on G+ and it's automatically in G-calander. Flag a meeting in G-Calander and G-Talk can reflect that you might not be available if you appear online. Some of this integration Google could probably make a paid upgrade... and honestly... I don't think a lot of consumers would turn that down.   
If G+ is a ghost town...then there are a lot of ghosts having a good time...
It's nice that my Google Plus membership predates that of my kids' membership.  Now they can't blame me for its demise (they blame me for killing off MySpace with my membership).
so true this will come in handy for people who can't choose!!
Not really sure about the first step. If I want only my friends to see it I use Facebook. If I want people in the sense of all kinds of people who are not the same people I always interact and that will actually make things more interesting that the same ol' to see it, then G+ is the way to go.
Can't recall seeing a Facebook post with 228 comments. rests case
I do not use Foursquare because G Latitiude is sufficient. Do not use LinkedIn because I am not that professional. I do not use Facebook I hate it. (I do have Twitter. Sshhhh)
I wish connecting with people of similar interest appeard to be easier on Google+. It might actually BE easy, but it looks daunting to beginners. They need to fix this.
I am giving up facebook to try this newfound G+  thing see if i can get some people of mine over here to join in
Someone from the enemies camp, facebook, did this ;)
The reason I found google plus because I got a google phone now facebook is a thing of the past!
Lol. Nice one. Perhaps Google needs to find gold under the ghost town?
Add 'Feel you have anything left to share' ->No->My space and Yes->Google+. Anyone else agree?
funny, I only do twitter & g+, though, it makes sense...
How many are on google plus now, funny I have 1300 follow me on gplus only 1100 on Facebook , seems to be growing fast to me 
Yeah...I think it's just going to take some time for +Google to get it up and running well...there's a few glitches and some "need-for-improvement" in the interface, like the faintness of the icons and buttons, for example.  I don't think there's any options to change the look, though I could be wrong.  Wish I knew of them if there are.

So far, +Google seems to be 'floundering' a little in some of the logistics and "guidance" for user-friendliness; like +Joseph Ned says, "...connecting with people of similar interest" seems elusive here, and I would think that should be pretty high on the hierarchy of the "sharing tree", y'know?  

Anyway, I guess time will tell.  Here's hoping someone is browsing some of these posts, so they get a sense of some of the frustrations users are experiencing.  Some of the +Google products leave some things not done all that well, in my (humble) opinion.  I think they expect users to be much more "savvy" than we really are (that's [s-a-v-v-y], not [s-a-w-y] -- sorry, it just looks strange with two "v"s together).

There's a way to let +Google know, clicking on the gear-shaped icon in upper right of page, then clicking on "Send Feedback".  Don't know how well it works, but might be worth a try.  I'm just sayin'...
Uhm, you guys probably don't have enoug people circled, or not the right people circled. I have about 850 in my circles, and are getting constantly inspirational and interesting posts. 
Maybe you should try following some of the G+ power users, aaand the active users? ;)
Chin up. Facebook has just become Advertisementbook. G+ will be growing
Partially agree, none of my friends or family are on Google + yet. I love it, so I'll be sticking with it!
Must Google Plus mirror Facebook and the others? Must everything be shared to public?  Perhaps Google Plus is the best it can be by how it already is and is used.
G+ need little more time to be using by evry one, evry one talk about it to his friends and the friends to friends ect... and then Google+ , has many advantages Than other social networks
i dont know what this has do do with the price of tea in china....
There should be an arrow for a limited scope. I want to share things like pictures, the fact that I almost bricked my phone, etc - but I really don't want everyone who has ever known me or thinks they know me to see I tag "Family".  Google + works well for what I use it for.  It's definitely not the forum for needy people.
Wow, what a cool run of comments! This would never last this long on FB...awesome!
I just made this Google + account because Facebook gets annoying, so hello all. The thing I notice here is that most of you guys seem to be really old...
Please don't bring that trend to G+. The "like if love your mom" or "Share if you love Jesus"... That's one of the reason I came to G+ to escape all the childish people. I mean all they do in Facebook now is post rage comics and the like. Now on Timeline... It a cluster bomb. It's funny how they got your info first and the a big block of your likes (Advertisement to everyone visiting your page). I love G+, the stream is everything I'm interested for some reason (kinda creepy) and it's made for adults. Hope it doesn't turn into a Facebook or worst.. Myspace. I will enjoy it while it lasts.
I love my G+. Especially my photographers circle. A lot of useful information also is in here. Sad that only a few uses it. My friends are not here yet, so I try to make new friends instead .
my new default post for Facebook  "if you want to know what I am doing,  Sign up for Google+"
Dommage que Google ne soit qu'en anglais... inaccessible pour les français... je renonce !
Dropped FB like a hot potato. I actually made it out of high school, and moved on with my life. I think g+ just has higher quality, more intelligent, and deeper than a dry creek kind of people in it's environment. Which makes me very happy! :)
Uy Tran
hi! i'm on Google+, nice post, lol
I likes the chart. And I s the likes Javed Jaffri . 
It's not a ghost town. It's a very nice place where people actually post interesting stuff, not the stupid and retarded "my pussy cat licked herself. 2 minutes ago. 1337 retarded people like this." And I'm very glad that It's this way.
i deleted my fb account....too many troublemakers on it
I agree that Google+ is a ghost town and if you want your ideas to die post them on Google+.  I started an Indiegogo fund raiser to provide free drinking water ( ) for the poor and publicized it on Google+ and not a whimper from anyone.  
Little by little I think Google+ will die off.  Too bad because I like Google+ a lot.
i add facebook freinds 5000 and 19945+ subscibe after facebook my account disable...
I prefer the google+ platform. Few of my friends are using it yet. There is alot less advertisements and useless garbage.
When i was growing up we had social networks, we called outdoors. Parks skateparks friends houses. There were no advertisements, politics, religious battles, stupid people taking self portaits in the mirror, you couldn't edit your face. I think im going back to the "real world.
The amount of Facebook hate there is on this site seems to be the only thing keeping it going... 
It's such a ghost town here that only 1800 people +1'd this post and only 700 people shared it. Yep, nobody sees anything posted on G+.
according to this i should post to Twitter but there are too many people on Twitter....... i Prefer Google+
This is the first social site I'm using. Today, security comes from privacy and I trust Google the most. Not blindly, just the most. NONE of my friends will G+, not giving up FB, (to much invested in Farmvile I guess), or G+ and FB. They think if FB gets hacked, and it will, the only info compromised will be Usernames! Morons. Guess its time to find new ones on G+!
People are generally afraid of change. Entire economies are based on it.
Having G+ is like having a really nice cabin way out in the woods,you can do and say anything you want, but no one will ever know.
Amen to that Jane Field. I just now signed on to Google+ and I love it better than Twitter and Facebook combined.
Problem is from the comments and general chat on G+ there seem to more to talk about and discuss, more intellect less idiots. However if everyone stops using Facebook and jump on to g+ all the idiots will come with them. And we don't want that. Maybe I just need to make smarter friends :-)
Ma Loy
I got privacy and learn browse some cool stuff at google+ when I want gossip, I browse fb lol
Not sure I agree. Google includes Google Plus posts prominently in its search results, and Google's search still tops Facebook in numbers of unique users per month.
Jo Pal
Àah mess like im in science class.
i find it funny that you posted this on google+ and there are 300+ comments, 2000+ likes and 823 shares, but nobody saw it right?
+Aalia Khan Mention Euro Zone, ANY politics, NEthing around the world, or, bigger mistake: geology or physics and I'M strange! Love my friens, last of the line; so th'ere my family. But our commonality is partying, racing, football and lying! Looks like G+ will work. So, how do you resolve the conflict of quantum mechanics & relativity just b4 the big bang? ha, ha, ha... btw; livn n W. Central IL: signal sux!
Yeah, +Perry Marlette post pics of yourself smoking, partying or just the hundredth pic on the same pose, it gets lots of attention! Fb is quite useful but also has its reputation, especially with girls and their pics and making our personal lives private, gossiping, conflicts, etc. My life is not for display and I would never want next door Billy to know about my personal life or my whereabouts!
Here's an epic science question no one has solved AS YET It's an open challenge to ALL Google Plussers.
My favorite thing about Google+ is that I see posts from new people every day. Of the 400+ people I know on facebook there are very few people who I actually want to hear from on a day to day basis. That and the Google+ interface is waaaaayy  better. 
Love how there is a 'don't post it' icon!! LOL!!
Whenever my friend and my family want to make a video call, I always suggest HANGOUT from G+. Slowly they knew that G+ is way awesome than facebook 😄
Here's how I do things... Google+ is about discovering and expressing myself to a random audience. Facebook is to connect with friends. 
Jc Hale
Don't know why but it is
Well we really don't want FB kids on here, do we?
I feel like G+ is much more of a global community of ideas than facebook. I follow all sorts of interesting photographers, writers, scientists, etc. here.
You aren't in anyone's circles. That's why you aren't seeing much.
I agree, I like how G+ cleanly displays the information. (At least I haven't been annoyed by dumb pictures or posts. Makes me think G+ is designed for smarter people?)
If you don't circle folks, this place can be VERY boring.  HOWEVER, if you circle folks, you get the kind of content YOU want.  I have a LARGE number of folks circled, and I can't read it all, but that's a good thing.  There is ALWAYS something to read. 
Everyone I know is on Facebook. Everyone I LIKE is on G+
Where's Login to Second Life?
I love G+ to you guys are crazy i have tons of friends i found here.
I like the fact that google+ isn't riddled with people posting mundane stuff. That's what we have Facebook for. I use google to see cool stuff from photographers and creators of all sorts of wonderful things. 
And yet... posted on g+... NOT shared for being stupid. 
For now, Google+ has way more interesting stuff coming from its user community.
By the way, these kind of "share if ____" posts are exactly what I hate about Facebook. Just sayin'.
I'm too boring to have people follow me. 
Wayne that's GREAT news :)  Tell me who they are so I can add them.. 
It's easy hon, just let me know when you are ready, it will take you a minute... 
I love this picture I would use it as a guide lol
Of course it's for giggles ;D anyone that googles you will be able to read all your public posts lol!'s possible to not post something if you don't want people to see it. 
I don't tweet, and I don't do Facebook! You can only find me here...

Haha i like it.... So... Juz thinking if we no reply msg.... We got planning...
+Matt Lively Nice! Information orgy of greatness! I wanna steal that and use it in everyday conversation... oh and accurate description of G+ by the way!!
Linkdin and foresquare are useless IMO and FB is for cyber voyuerism lol.
Google+ = doing/informing/selective sharing, Facebook = boasting/ego boosting/random nonsense
I don't even have a Failbook account, never made on in fact.
agree +Răzvan Botea failbook and i called fakebook... funny... how it is a Ghost town.. and 2600 likes and many comments... and over 1000 share?
Ty Kemp
I enjoy seeing individuals be themselves and not afraid to own it. To me FB is greyscale while G+ is living color!
Stay unique all and goodnight from Phx Az. USA. 
I just came to that conclusion today. Now if Google could put spell check in hereee.
I only use G+ when i got bored of facebook and there's no new status.
I just got on G+ last week and love it! Its like a higher intelligence, less immature mix of facebook, instagram and twitter.
If the 1 flow is correct  then no one  have comment over this post.need
to update flow, redraw flow...
I remember when FB was for smart ppl then everyone from myspace jumped on it, I'm kinda hoping that G+ remains a Lil secret or else it will be flooded with stupidity 
so someone actually bothered to join g+ to post this diss?? ironic.
I was disinterested by this
here is how I see it , Facebook connects me with people I know  ,G+ connects me to people who I actually want to know ,people who actually have the same interests like me
I like that I can live in a ghost town. Roomy. :)
Really like this. According to the chart I should be posting on Facebook and Twitter, which I do. I do of course love Google+ too.
I share what I want with who I want. My friends and I love Google Plus.
Come one everyone let's get this photo viralling over every platform... Come on Google plussers!!!!!!!!!!  You rock!!!!!!!
+Axis Hedov Hey Axis I just right-clicked on the photo to gain a 'save-image' message and then flooded it through facebook (I wouldn't worry, facebook & Twitter are so small compared to here, no one will see it!).  Who needs to go on facebook and Twitter to brand or socialise when you have google + anyway!!!!!!!
Ha ha! So true.  All I see on the "What's Hot" feed (or "explore" feed on a pc) are the same handful of people posting.  How do their posts make it to this feed, anyway?
I actually hope that Facebook keeps certain people away from G+. Ghost town? I think G+ is past that now. 
Now if someone could create an SNS recommender that would be awesome 
In other words, we have privacy in Google+
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