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Google+ cheat sheet By +Simon Laustsen!
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Good to know! Thanks, finnaly I know how are they all doing it! :-D
Note that if you are applying text formatting (ital, bold, etc.) to a large passage (multiple paragraphs), you need to add the formatting characters at the beginning and end of each paragraph -- not simply at the beginning and end of the entire selection -- or it won't work correctly. 
"send me a massage"?? You can massage people over the internet now? Wow. Technology is amazing!
Printed and posted in front of me.
I could use a good massage
If you tellme how to go from notification to full display, I'll send you a mAssage  :)
PS how can we display smilies  :(
the space/shift-space keys aren't google+ hotkeys, they're browser hotkeys that work on any web page. 
With ? (question-mark) you can see the hotkeys.
eg: R is open the field for comment
where are you from my friend
Bold Italics and strikethrough just practicin'
That is Important others is to be neglected (just a try :)  )
Nice tips, but what I really want is a URL box in the "new post" section of the Android app. Would be SOOO much more useful than the location box.
It doesn't does work on Gtalk too... oo lala
Wow didn't know about this thanks for the post + share. :)
That's so awesome, sorry cool!
The G+ shortcut keys are extremely annoying and produce unwanted and unexpected results when typing. Thank you for documenting them. I presume they were created by the same idiots who require 3 clicks to make a simple phone call on an android phone. 
Can you not do this in Blogger?
technology has grown quite rapidly, u can now send people massages through internet!!
?"I can write text, woohoo"
thcs thacx thranx thanks!
ok, the strikethrough thing isn't visible on my xperia (Android ICS) but is visible on chrome on my computer.  hmm
3. is not true, people DO have to follow you to see what you're posting in their stream. if they're not following you, they'll only see things which you've posted to them if they look at your profile, which is not likely.

And you cannot combine the text formatting.
This still doesn't add enough people to my network to make it interesting.
This was exactly  what I was needing, thanks!
I just wish I could have a list of all of my +1s. I could use it like a favorite. 
thanks ... did not know how to bold....I think I did strikeout by accident.
+CIRCLES @ +Simon Laustsen Thanks so much! I was wondering how to do italics.  PS. I added the both of you to my circles because I don't want to miss any other important Google + tips! 
T- ilex
bold , lean , line
Great post thanks! I'm going to share with some new members. =)
Finally. I'll be able to make my text look fancy..
So does it work when posting from the iPhone app?
Wow. Couple of these I didn't know about...
Most required... thanks for sharing 
Really usefull, well maybe or maybe not.......lets see
Tom Z
Like or not
Very handy for newcomers like me. Thanks!
So incredibly simple and helpful. Thanks for posting.
i didn't know about the disable reshare option till now.thanks for posting!
thnkz dude this is rlly cool
To private message, you can also go to their profile and click the envelope button at the top. When it's there. Sadly, it's not always there, which makes me wonder if I'm using Windows Vista, but more likely it has to do with the person's privacy settings.

Not sure if anyone mentioned this, but "N" and "P" allow you to navigate down and up the comments for the post.
Why are they using _ for italic instead of / like normal people? _ should be for underline.
"Word to the mother "
Someone should compare this to Facebook's cheat sheet, which would be more like a book!
Big THANX from a Google+ noob
no offence, that was so much offence right there
It would be neat to have small and underline, too.
very interesting. didnt know you could do that.
Great information, it is realy going to be loads of help. Thanks
Bri Boo
ooooohhhhhh lol dats how u do this!!!!! yay :3
I'm kinda noob to plus, so this was perfect. Thanks! 
How do you press space or shift on the Android phone? Thanks for sharing
The fact that I don't like
And blocking reshare will keep people from doing that, as sure as a "do not steal" sign will protect your bicycle...
How odd, doesn't seem to work on main postings on mobile, only comments
cool :-) using the - sign to get a strike through doesnt seem to work from mobiles?
"thanks so much!" now i can be _coooool_~~~ Facebook
Very useful. Poor mouse. It just got replaced.
What's Google + and how do I get to My Space from here? ;-)
Awesome Sweet find and I snagged if that's alright, I saved it to a file for feature reference. =0)
I already knew already of those. Easy.
but it's basic knowledge. :$
ill send you a massage... lol :)
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