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#Venice   needs to be cleaned
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great art by +Ardith Goodwin 
The Wayshowers

I had a dream about Wayshowers...about people who's energy fields were visible to others, because they light the way for love, for compassion, for knowledge, for creativity, and for faith. My dream was a clear as I have ever experienced, and I woke knowing I was called to paint it. This piece is my execution of that dream...sharing a love of fluid line, of geometric plane, and of unexpected, dynamic movement. It was meant to resonate with the energy that I feel around and in this magical world we live in. May we all by Wayshowers to someone. 30" by 48" acrylic on canvas
#abstractart   #figurativeart  
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When travelling to +Prosecco Country 2015  #Veneto   #Italy   follow +Mia Voss ' advice
More #MiaOnTheGo  Flashback Memories of the 2nd Leg of the Trip as championed by +pio dal cin in #Treviso  / #Veneto . Without a doubt, Pio has embraced his home country and region and is a most enthusiastic tour guide!

Check out the full blogpost with all the sights & sounds of #Prosecco  Country, a truly amazing region. Lush and full of vineyards, delightful towns, restaurants, shops, rolling hills and more! Every town visited in this region, including #Codogne #Conegliano     #Solighetto , every spot was a treat for all 5 senses!

Stay tuned for #Venice  

Make sure to circle:
+Villa Toderini +Ca' Del Poggio +Da Lino +Da Ponte 
+Prosecco Country 2015 +Winerist +Cuore Veneto Codognè Treviso
As part of the #MiaOnTheGo Experiential Ambassadorship, we present the “Oh The Places You Should Go” Travel Blog Series: Tales of Italy – a media coverage trip that included amazing sights, food, wine, stories, new faces, real life meetups, adventures and connection. Big shout…Read more ›
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I feel ashamed as a "human being". Slavery is not over until we stop these refugees situation in the Mediterranean. Where is EUROPE? where are the UNITED NATIONS? Where has  our sense of humanity gone?
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Create a "New Folder" on Desktop and name it 

Without quotes.

And access all settings of your desktop
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#Burano   is the real essence of a Venetian experience. In this part of the Venetian Lagoon is where it all started.Call it "Native Venice" call it (like I love to do) a photographers' and painters' Paradise. As you walk around in this wonder, you'll smell the fresh seafood, the freshly baked bread and pastry. You'll see older women knitting in an old fashioned way that is taught from generation to generation on a mother-daughter way that is not written anywhere for it is an island's secret. Next time you'll visit Venice, make the effort of taking a water bus (vaporetto) and plan to spend a whole day here. Quiet and silence broken only by the daily noises of the fishermen and the people doing their trades. The light will change the contrast and the warmth of colours as the day grows older and if you did not bring that extra battery for your camera you'll realize how much you are going to need it, for you'll have a thousand and more in less that two hours. Every corner here is a story, a shade, a colour, a situation worth the capture. At the end of the day visit #Venissa  from #Bisol  just across the bridge. The first experiment of viticultural archeaology, bringing an old vine back to life in the site of a 1300 monastery. +Prosecco Country 2015 +Cuore Veneto Codognè Treviso +Villa Toderini +Ca del Poggio  #VillaToderini  are the places to stay if you are visiting.  +Giselle Minoli and +Meg Tufano  you should be next (I hope)

 Just one hour away. Have any doubts? ask +Mia Voss  who was in the area for a few days on her #MiaOnTheGo   tour of Italy (almost over) Ask +Diana Isac  owner and founder of +Winerest  ask +Debi Davis  who has been following +The Mia Connect  from Denver. Ask +Nazim Beltran +Chef Dennis Littley +Larry Fournillier +Adelheid Hörnlein +Mark Davenport 
 +Hotel Dei Mellini +Hotel Dei Borgognoni 
+John Dietrich +Yifat Cohen or +Jack C Crawford who introduced me to her two years ago and was at +Villa Toderini himself while visiting here in +Prosecco Country 2015 
#Codognè   #codognecuoreveneto  
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No democracy in Italy? I didn't know that.
Italy  is the most beautiful Country in the world. I am not making a list of all the great things and the wonderful people you'll find here.But do not let the media frenzy fool you. Our prime minister #Renzi   and its leftist government are feeding us our dose of daily bullshit. A lot of talk.Too much talking but no action. Many Italians are suffering today  due to a harsh economiccrisis that touches only the lower and the middle classes. Politicians are corrupted and when they get caught with their hands in the marmelade they always...I repeat,, always get away with murder. Next time they talk about "Democracy" here in Italy, do not listen. There isn't any of that stuff here in the most beautiful Country in the world. Dictatorship sounds a lot better when you read about people starving while the politicians are enjoying six figures a year's paychecks for doing nothing and the fiscal pressure is the highest in Europe with 60%. Next time you plan a trip to Italy just remember that: The people of Italy will make your experience here wondeful, but the government and its politicians it is a whole different ball game.
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Well. Here I am... I am sharing my story with Giselle (Jack you know it already...) I will try to keep it short and eventually develop it later..if asked to do so..

I have to start from a young farm boy the youngest of four brothers, born in 1923 in a small country town nested between the Adriatic and the Dolomites, a rural town of 5300 souls where working the fields from dawn to sunset was the only way of surviving .

He was a handsome man,yet simple; and as it was customary back then he finished his fifth grade elmentary school and went back to help his family with the farming.

Families were living in big houses, the greater the number of the children the higher possibility they had to "steal" from a already stingy land, a good crop and survive trough the harsh times and long winters.

His name was Narciso. When he turned 20 Mussolini was already dead and Italian troops were asked to fight the old ally, Germany.

Narciso was captured in Jugoslavia by the Nazis and moved into a working campo in Northern Germany.

He was sent 12 hours a day in a coal mine, without food, he had to work like this for 18 months till the Americans came to free him on April 25th 1945.

He wa sick and weighed 80 pounds when he returned home. His back was severely damaged, so it was put in a cast from his neck to his waist for three long years, in a specialized clinic in Cortina d'Ampezzo, where eventually met Maria Teresa, who pampered him after falling in love with the handsome veteran.

When he came home from the hospital he was still sick, so he took a trip to Lourdes from where he came home completely healed.

His life was devoted from then on to a strong religious behaviour and when Maria Teresa whom he married in 1952 gave birth to their first child they named her Maria Bernardetta, to remember the "miracle" that put Narciso back on his feet

Three years later Antonio Maria was born.

In 1956 Maria Teresa was pregnant again. Maria Bernardetta and Antonio were both born by Caesarian,

One of the check up showed to the doctors that the child she was carrying could have not made it to the end of the nine months, so they adviced Maria Teresa to "get rid" of the child she was carrying.

Narciso in the meantime had the chance to get to know a friar who was said to be in "profumo di santità" Padre Pio da Petrelcina, was making people feeling better and he was said to perform miracles.

Narciso travelled to Puglia and asked him for Spiritual advice."What Shall I do father? My wife is pregnant and the doctors are telling her to get rid of the child what should I do Padre Pio?"

"Go home Narciso" The Holy man said "everything is going to be ok..tell your wife to go to the end of this.."

Narciso gave the message to Maria Teresa and she happiy carried on with her pregnancy. I was born on October the 15th 1956 and I was named after the Holy Friar (who has been proclaimed a Saint by John Paul the Second six years ago)

Pio Maria. it's me....

Remember to share your Love

My mom passed away on February 20 2006, after fighting her last battle with cancer that lasted for TWO years.

When She was pregnant of me (her third child) she was adviced by doctors to "get rid" of me, as the pregnancy was very risky for her, and she could have died if she did carried it on.

She refused, as my father, a man of deep faith, contacted PADRE PIO, a friar who lived in Southern Italy, and was known as a SAINT.

"Go home..." He said to my dad "Everything will be ok. Your wife will not die".

My father brought the news to MARIA TERESA, and she did carried on with her pregnancy.

That is why my NAME is PIO.

TODAY, ON MOTHER's DAY I would like to share this story with the world, to show how LOVE can change people's lives.

THANK YOU MOM. You are living through me, and you always will.


This photo was taken by a nurse in 1956. It is a reproduction of an old B&W print.
The mother is smiling after giving birth to her third child and the happiness is mixed with the exhaustion and the pain she had to go trough to bring her Love to Life.

I choosed to publish this photo today,on MOTHER's day as a reminder that Love is the real engine of our lives, it is what has brought together millions of people troughout the ages.

When it comes to show our Love we are very suspicious and careful specially when it comes to show it to our parents who gave us the greatest gift of Life.

MOTHER's day should be celebrated every day for Love has to be let fly like a bird.

Love your mom and show her that you do:

Just a few words, whispered or shouted out loud, through an email or a phon call, a short message, a flower...a photo

A photo. This photo I am sharing today with my mother who is who is the young lady carrying the child on her arms for the very first time: I am the child and this was the first day of my Life. Thank you mom, for everything I know today I own it to you:

#happymothersday #HappyMothersDay
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please welcome and circle +Lola Dal Cin 
Meet LOLA the new friend that just arrived in our home.
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Does It Really Work!!! Try this in comment box...
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So, here it is - 3 weeks in one album. Whew! Tons of great memories! 
This journey started as a celebration for my 50th Birthday and then transitioned into a celebration of Italy and all the cities I visited and people I met. The overwhelming amount of generous hospitality extended by everyone was unprcedented. There was not one moment where I wasn't in awe of everything around me. Italy is truly a charming and lovely country. 

The #MiaOnTheGo  venture was a media trip in collaboration with +Winerist who were instrumental in connecting me to hotels & excursions that made my trip fantastic. If you are even THINKING of traveling to Italy, you need to check out their site! A huge shout of thanks to the following businesses 

+Marignolle relais & charme 
+Hotel Dei Mellini 
+Hotel Dei Borgognoni 
+500 Touring Club Florence, Italy 
+Liv Italy 
+ViniCultural Tours 
+Agriturismo Poggio al Tufo 

Every place I visited, everywhere I stayed and each excursion were TOP NOTCH ( see the photos - pics don't lie!)

Special thanks to +pio dal cin for introducing me to his favorite businesses who were also collaborative partners during my visit!
+Ca' Del Poggio 
+Villa Toderini - 
+Bisol1542 -
#Venissa  -
#DaPonte   -
Ristorante Mela Cotogna 
Mayor Roberto Bet & Lisa Tommasella - Codogne

Thank you to +Nazim Beltran and +Elisabetta Chiesi  for your tireless care for this old American! From the moment I arrived in Milan, I felt at home!  We celebrated my birthday in grand style at  (brilliant idea, Betti), celebrated the big 50 birthday with a fun makeover with Betti's friend Karine, and experienced amazing food along that way at places such as La Bossa and Corey's Soul Chicken

And, of course, spending Easter with the Chiesi family in #Camogli    was beyond memorable. Truly a priceless blessing to spend time with their family & friends, especially after being on the road for so long. 

Thank you to +Adelheid Hörnlein & +Mark Davenport of +PARADISO INTEGRALE The Power of Relationship for schlepping me around to some amazing sites as well as hosting a Power Chat in their amazing retreat home:
Ohhhh, and Heidi packed a nice little care package for my train trip - thank you darling!

A few other notes & mentions:
As you will note, the stormtrooper which was donated by +Cameron Young makes a frequent appearance during the trip - he usually was attempting to bogart anything to do with coffee, prosecco or wine (with an occasional nosh thrown in). A special shoutout to +Dawn Swick-Renshaw - my darling #Twinsie  who sent me the most amazing Tiffany heart necklace which I kept close to my heart the whole time - it felt like a protective talisman! I also wore my amazing earrings from +Denise Wakeman (I think I have a video somewhere on this, Denise!) as well as the #GoPro  loan from the snake man himself (and stormtrooper donator), +Cameron Young 

One more shoutout to my gracious City Ambassadors: +Nazim Beltran +Elisabetta Chiesi +pio dal cin+Nicola Rex, +Adelheid Hörnlein  & +Mark Davenport   - they were ambassadors extraordinaire!

BIG PROPS to +Debi Davis and +Bill Reed - these two are smarty pants beyond measure & the masterminds behind this whole excursion. Their sharp minds were instrumental in putting things together before the trip & keeping everything organized and from falling off the rails during the trip!  

Thank you to my Board of Influencers who are helping to spread the word on the #MiaOnTheGo  venture!
+Laurie Laizure 
+Chef Dennis Littley 
+Yifat Cohen 
+Denise Wakeman 
+Larry Fournillier 
+pio dal cin 

As an aside, I love how Google compiles photos, video and autoawesome moments into one album. It really makes the memories pop!

Here are a few of my top tips for Americans traveling to Europe:

1. Know your numbers: Euro - Dollar (not too tough), the Metric system (for instance, when someone says" oh it's about 30 kilometers", you won't stare blankly.... for too long! 
2. Pack Light. Pack Light. and... pack light. It's amazing how you don't give a flying fig about many items packed about halfway through a trip. Packing light leaves room for gifts & fun new items. You may need to buy another cheapo suitcase - just be prepared to pay extra for checking another bag! (airline dependent)
3. FLUSH! Be prepared to spend time figuring out how to flush the toilet - every toilet was different (I have a bunch of toilet photos - stay tuned for that entertaining album)
4. Get fit before you go (thank you  !!) - That way you can throw down on every meal and not worry. Plus touring is exercise... Europe involves tons of walk walk walk walking!
5. Be curious! Seek out the locals and be open to everything they suggest - you can't go wrong.

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ARCTIC Team Elite Engager Circle 

My #teamelite circles have a Ocean theme this time, so they are named Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic and of course my Elite Inner Circle.

You may not have been included in my #teamelite circles this week. This is because I start compiling the next circles 5 days after publishing. I send a circle notification, a picture notification, and I plus mention everyone in the circle, which gives everyone three chances to know they are included. If you want to make sure you don't miss my circle posts, you should create a circle called "Notify Me", add me to it, and set notifications to "On". In any case, don't worry - you can get into next week's circles by sharing this one

* #teamelite  members - see nearer the end for instructions for the next stage! #eliteinnercircle *

I have had so many great #teamelite  engagers that I need three whole circles - why are they #teamelite  engagers, as opposed to normal engagers? These are the ones who have shared my shared circles - you have close to 1,400 circle sharers here for you to add across these three circles. You should add people in these circles, because they are active engagers and will brighten up your Google Plus experience. I'm not sure you could handle all that Google Plus engagement, so think twice before you do so!

My #teamelite  circles are extensively shared by the top circle sharers on Google Plus, so naturally, membership of #teamelite  is very exclusive and there is a lot of demand to get in.

To get in, and to ensure you stay in #teamelite  you need to do the following:

1. Add me to your circles, if you haven't done so already
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5. So I can easily find your share, always publicly share my original shared circle. You'll know if you're sharing the original one because you won't see "Jason Levy originally shared" above here. If you do see it, click on "originally shared" and it will bring you to this post.
6. You need to share within 5 days of when the circle was published, as I publish my #teamelite circles weekly, and they take me a day or so to curate. Otherwise it may be two weeks before I pick up your share and you get added to the circle again. This is especially true for my #eliteinnercircle . Therefore, for the best results if the circle is more than a week old, you should share my latest #teamelite and #eliteinnercircle circles, which you can find on my profile page at:

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What is aural microsuction?

Aural microsuction is a method of safely and painlessly removing wax from the ear.
In contrast, oto-irrigation (what used to be known as ear syringing) has been unavailable for a long time through district nurses, as the traditional ear syringe is no longer considered best practice, and the oto-irrigation equipment is quite cumbersome. Also, there is a chance that a preexisting perforated eardrum could be undiagnosed and the irrigation process may push wax, dead skin and bacteria through the eardrum into the middle ear, with the resultant potential for infection. This is why many GP surgeries have stopped ear syringing and oto-irrigation and now refer all patients to their local ENT department for aural microsuction.
This service is free under the NHS, but the usual two week wait for syringing by the GP Practice Nurse has now extended to up to six weeks or more, as ENT clinics struggle to cope with the demand. At London Hearing Aids, we can offer aural microsuction wax removal in London, Middlesex and Hertfordshire. For more information head over to
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