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Judd Karlman
Librarian, Gaming Geek, Physical Culture Enthusiast
Librarian, Gaming Geek, Physical Culture Enthusiast

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From Dictatorship to Democracy
A Conceptual Framework for Liberation

Gene Sharp

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I put all of my tweets about campaign ideas and tweets linking to blog posts on campaign ideas into a string of moments on twitter for easy finding later.

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Putting together thoughts for an upcoming game set in the Free City of Greyhawk.

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I have a day off from work tomorrow and had a hankering to play some Dungeon World. I'd love to get together, make up characters, ask the players questions about said characters and from the inspiring answers, riff an adventure from there.

Is anyone interested in playing tomorrow, Friday, from 10AM to 2PM EST?

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A librarian colleague drops wisdom.
Interested in combating fake news, or learning more about evaluating information resources? Ask your local librarian - teaching about reliable, high quality information has always been the central tenet of librarianship. What follows are resources to help you get started.

For a long time, the basics of judging good information from bad were called, "Information Literacy." Recently, librarians are moving toward the term, "Metaliteracy" to include concepts like digital literacy (ability to use computers, troubleshoot problems, and understand online security/privacy issues) and media literacy (understanding how media, and especially social media, are created and how the creation process impacts message and bias) as well as information literacy (how to disambiguate good information and information sources from bad and or biased ones).


Metaliteracy Standards for School Librarians

Metaliteracy Stanards for College Librarians

If you have questions, please ask! 

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New Swordlords, 13 True Swords, an heir for the High Swordlord, the Brevosi dukes in chaos...the situation that this game was built upon is done. The Stolen Lands became the Riverlands and the Riverlands became the capital province of the Charterlands.

Was this our last visit to the Riverlands with +Rachel E.S. Walton and +Drew U?

Dun, DUN, DUN!

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In which +Rachel E.S. Walton and +Drew U seek a peaceful resolution among privileged ducal assholes and are forced to make the mythology of the Riverlands even more complicated.

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A picture of +Richard Rogers' character's starting bound demon for our upcoming Sorcerer game.
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